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Loudmouthed ¦ Ill-Tempered ¦ Abandoned

"Don't make me go Beast Mode on your ass, fucker!"

The Sapphire of the Deep Blue was once seen by the world as an icon of serene perfection. A beautiful model, exotic by her aquatic nature, she caught the eyes of men and the attentions of women. Never without her graceful smile and elegant manner, she was popular, beloved, and most of all - as far as the public was concerned - happy.

But when that Sapphire sunk back into the Deep Blue from whence she came, she was never to be seen again. And the young girl she left behind became the antithesis of everything her mother was once recognised for.

Angry, bitter, and betrayed time and time again, Jessica Cyndal is as rough as they came. An aggressive ball of fury, a being of the sea who has never once stepped foot in it, JC has set out to forge her own path in life - adopting flaws for which she can be judged, and shunning virtues that would make anyone DARE to draw comparison between her, and the missing parents she so closely resembles.

JC is perfectly content to be a discontent malcontent - and happy to make her own happiness, where the world has failed to provide it for her. She doesn't need anyone else.

And she especially doesn't need to be like her.

[Full Name] Jessica Cyndal [Age] 21
[Nickname(s)] JC [Gender] Female
[Species] Carribean Reef Shark [Sexuality] Bisexual
[Occupation] Mechanic [Theme] Our Enemies - Jaws (Control Freak Remix)
[Height] 5'3" [Build] An athletically built young woman, with evident muscle to her frame. Notable curves, not all neccesarily natural.
[Colour Scheme]
  • Grey-blue skin with paler underbelly
  • Red hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Freckled patterning where skin tones connect
  • Ring piercings in nose, lip, and ears
  • Stab scar on top of right leg
  • Bullet scar on lower left back
  • S tattoo on chest
  • JC commonly wears her mechanic overalls, the top half open and folded down over her tool belt. These are matched with a large pair of stompy boots, and a variety tight torn-up vests (most commonly reading 'BEAST MODE') - clumsily sewn back together. Always worn along with these is her trademark beanie - a small smiley face pin consistently attached to it. Studded wristbands optional.
  • When younger, JC would often wear a low-cut orange top along with a pair of short-shorts.
  • Lastly, JC also possesses a variety of leathers. These tend to be often used for motorbiking - though also doubles up as winter-wear.
Jessica Cyndal is a very angry person. Or at the very least, they most certainly are on the surface, lashing out at the slightest provocation, acting out at the cost of both people and fabric in the vicinity. Even when not actively outraged, she can come across as surly - growling and snappy... though a friendly word can often prove to adjust that manner.
Still, even in her positivity JC can be just as aggressive and loud. Highly competitive and eager, she will often make loud proclamations about herself or others, and likes to draw attention to herself. She will oftentimes run her mouth, and lack the social awareness as to what she should or shouldn't say.
This extroverted attitude however, all acts as a barrier for the lonely individual underneath. Wanting companionship, but struggling to trust people to stay in her life, she does everything she can to drag the attention of others her way, fearing that any sign of vulnerability will result in being left behind again.
  • The mechanic, of course, enjoys messing around with cars and motor vechiles. She even has her own motorbike that she regularly fiddles around with.
  • JC is a big lover of music, and is more than often heard playing it far too loudly. She in particular enjoys punk rock, dubstep, and electronica - with a further affinity for deep bass-y music. Using her own body as a speaker, it's important for her to be able to feel the rythm.
  • The shark is quite a sporty individual, taking part in football, free-running, and various other activities. They tend to put a lot of energy into staying in shape.
  • Jessica has an enormous fear of large bodies of water, suffering from a degree of aquaphobia. Whilst she knows she can't drown, she fears becoming trapped within a pool or the ocean - and being left alone and forgotten there.
  • She hates being spoken down to. Not that this is a particularly uncommon trait but in JC's case it can often be the hair to her hair-trigger temper.
  • Perhaps more than anything, JC hates the idea of being left alone. Not just normally by herself - though indeed she has spent many nights staring at the ceiling over this. What she truly fears though, is not having others in her life to rely on.
Personal History
By all accounts, Jessica Cyndal should have had it easy. Only child to an influential businessman and a well-recognised model, the pair had individually moved from the sea to the land where they'd found success - and each other. It was on land, far from the native habitat of her people, that Jessica was born... and where Jessica never left.

It did not seem it would be that way at first. The young shark girl very quickly took to the water -at least from an outside perspective. She'd watch videos of dancers spiralling through the waves, and get excited at the prospect of some day growing up to be a beautiful ocean princess.
Her mother and father too, would share tales of the blue beyond and it's beauty. And the more they spoke, the more they longed for it too. Their longing became her longing, and the young Jessica's enthusiasm grew and grew.

Still, their distance from the ocean meant that, despite her enthusiasm, young Jessica had very little experience with such seas. And whilst they trusted their daughter would be capable... her parents did consider that if one day they wished to return to their home, it perhaps best she get some experience moving in the water
Thusly, her mother took it open herself to enroll the young shark in a swimming class. It didn't seem a big deal at the time - after all, the toddler was excited to be heading there, and she's surely take... well, like a fish to water. Noone gave it a moment's thought.
It was perhaps that lack of thought or concern that led to the moment that would come to define the young girl's future...

Believing - quite reasonably - that the shark would have quite the affinity for water, she was immediately placed into class with some of the older students. When she ducked under the water too, to experience it for the first time, it seemed no cause for concern - after all, she could breathe under then. And when she failed to resurface... it went largely unnoticed.
And in truth, whilst the girl had been enthused to go down, she was less excited about her inability to go up. Unnoticed as she floundered, she began to feel lost and forgotten... and fear began to set in. The water wasn't as inviting as she'd hoped - it was lonely and obstructive. Everything was slower there, an inescapable surrounding weight... and she'd been abandoned to it.
Her mother eventually realised the issue - long before any of the staff even took time to consider an issue could be possible. She came to the rescue, pulling her daughter out of the water. But by now, the damage had been done. Excitement had turned to fear, and the oceans and seas that had once entranced the young girl now set her into fits of panic and distress.

Her parents were heartbroken.

They tried so hard to bring that passion back - bring their own stories and experiences to her. But each tale told only got negative reactions, giving the young girl nightmares of the deep dark blue.
The issue began to put a strain on their relationship too. Arguments would break out as stress grew. They'd made a good life on the surface, but it wasn't what either of them truly wanted. The land had been good to them, but it wasn't where they belonged. And the fear grew that if things were to remain the way they were, that they'd be there forever...
And they couldn't wait forever.

At first it was Jessica's father. He said he couldn't take it anymore - that he'd wait for them. He told Jessica he believed in her, and one day she'd make it. And then he just... left. Jessica and her mother had been abandoned. She never saw him again.
Her mother grew increasingly desperate. Her love had left, but... he said he'd wait. But how long would that be?
She didn't want to wait either, and became more and more stressed as each day passed. She still cared deeply for her daughter, and wanted to be with her. She just wished that Jessica could get over this - that they could all just move on. She was determined that they could get through this.

And so it was, that one day, when driving Jessica back from school, her mother took an abrupt and unusual turn. Rather than go directly home, she drove her daughter to the beach. It wasn't a day exactly fit for it - the wind was howling and it seemed a storm was brewing. But she was determined. Today would be the day.
Taking Jessica out to the sands, her mother allowed her to look on as she stepped into the waters herself. Looking back, she gestured her young daughter to follow. Jessica hesitated, and it was clear that her fear was getting the better of her. Still, her mother beckoned, smiling, encouraging from the waves. "Come on Jessica, you can do it!"
The young shark took a step in, the water lapping at her feet... and immediately stepped back out. The waves lapping at her feet had been enough to cause her to panic and retreat.
Her mother called out again, tried to encourage her. But as Jessica refused, this encouragement became begging. Became pleading for her just to step into the water. And as she cried out, the wind howled, and the waves picked up...
Until one large wave abruptly pulled her under.

Jessica never saw her mother again.

It was never truly discovered what happened that day, though it became a popular point of intrigue in celebrity and conspiracy culture alike. There were two prevailing theories; The first was that the model had simply returned to the sea, gone to be with her beloved. The second... was that the force of the waves had pulled her under and dashed her head against the rocks below.
Neither concept was exactly a comfort to the young girl, as she was shuffled away into foster care. Moving from home to home, having lost all family, all she could do was despair. And in time, that despair metamorphised into fury. Fury towards the waters which she'd once loved, fury to her parents for leaving her alone... and a fury towards herself. For not being good enough.

She felt betrayed by her mother - and yet as she grew older was said to be becoming more like her. Whilst many would take it as a compliment - after all, having it suggested that you looked like a model could hardly be considered an insult - Jessica saw it as reason to change. She couldn't rebel against her parents whilst they were still there... but now she could at least rebel against the image of them that she'd been unwillingly left with.
She began by cutting her hair. Whilst her mother had been known for her long lockes, as seen on billboards across the land, Jessica cut them short. Only a little at first, as she truly liked her hair... and yet shorter and shorter as time passed. To be less like her.
She began building on muscle too, combining it with sportier hobbies. She didn't want that slender dazzling frame, she wanted to be herself, she wanted to be DIFFERENT. Not swimming about doing dainty little poses, but tackling people on the football field! It all helped - not only to find an identity for herself, but to outlet that aggression that had built and built.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Jessica took on a hobby that she couldn't see either her business-suited father or her dress-dazzling mother performing. She took up engineering. It was grimy, intense, and most of all... she enjoyed it. Messing around with motorbikes and cars at a relatively young age, the activity was well-encouraged by her social workers, who saw it as a positive and practical outlet.
Unfortunately, this was perhaps ill-advised. Her little hobby soon grew to a passion, and that passion garnered attention from a similarly-aged young man; Cilian Mack.

The son of a rather wealthy businessman, Cilian had put the money his family had to good use in buying various cars and hotrods. Fancying himself a boy racer of sorts, he'd managed to worm his way into a small gang - where his money and influence had soon seen him rise up the ranks. The Pale Snakes were now regularly participating in street races... and yet didn't seem to be finding much in the way of success.
Whilst they could certainly afford the shiny vechiles, and looked the part, it turned out many of the other competitors had a little more to them than just nice cars. Ooor, to be exact, they had more than just the nice cars they had at first bought. Many had fine-tuned their vechiles, replaced bits and pieces, in some cases even adding just that li'l bit of nitrous to see them through. By comparison, Cilian's vechiles had... nothing.
That's where Jessica came in.

She was relatively easy to win over. She was young, rebellious, rough around the edges... and most DEFINITELY into Cilian. A little bit of flirting, plus a highlight of the potential danger of getting involved in such untoward things, and soon enough 'JC' was the official engineer of the Pale Snakes!
And boy was she a good one. Enthusiastic and aggressively competitive, early failures were just encouragement to her to improve further. Smacktalk from opponents just gave her the determination to prove them wrong. She was invaluable to the team.
JC and Cilian grew close through this too. Whilst at first the money the boy racer paid out mostly went towards granting JC upgrades for his car, soon he showed a little more leeway towards the items she was requesting... and over time started getting her surprise gifts too. It wasn't too long until the two were dating.

Things were going well for JC - and for the Pale Snakes. Over the next few years they made more of a name for themselves on the street racing circuits, racking up victories and expanding in size. Once a small group of ne'er-do-wells, Cilian had claimed turfs and businesses as the gang's own.
Of course, such growth required an increasing amount of questionable actions from the Pale Snake leader. JC, still dating Cilian and acting as his personal engineer, was oftentimes left in the dark over such matters. On some level, she knew he had to've been doing something reprehensible - but decided that ignorance was bliss. The two simply... didn't talk about it. And that - as far as the shark was concerned - was fine.
Unfortunately... Detective Keith Redgrave disagreed.

Working with the law offices, Keith had been investigating the local gangs for some time - and the Pale Snakes' big movements had drawn them rather a lot of attention. The police were wanting to perform a sting operation... but they needed to find a weak link, an inside person. And JC had caught the Detective's eye...
Approaching the shark, Keith spoke to her pretty straight. From what he'd observed, whilst she was definitely a member of the gang, and definitely loyal to Cilian... she was rather far removed from the darker sides of things. It was his hope that perhaps she'd see sense, and from there help to sell Cilian and the Snakes out.
Unfortunately, she was less than eager on the idea - responding quite loudly and abrasively in the negative. She had an evident dislike for authority, and Keith's honest approach had seemed to do naught to quell the young woman's fury. She left with an abrupt outburst and a slammed door - for which Keith counted himself lucky, considering he was pretty certain he was about to be assaulted.

What he was even more thankful for however, was the fact that for whatever reason, JC chose against mentioning this event to her boyfriend. It seemed that on some level a part of what was said must have gotten through, as the shark began to keep a closer eye on the Pale Snakes leader's actions - and not once mentioned to him that the two of them were most certainly under police investigation.
Taking this as a positive sign, Keith continued to contact and provoke JC further - much to her irritance. He was eager to win her over - oftentimes turning up at the most inopportune of moments to talk to her. And she did have to admit... however much of an irritant he was, she was beginning to kinda like him.
Still... she was loyal to Cilian. And the more these meetings kept occuring, the more it became evident that even Keith's greatest charms could do nothing to sway JC to his side. Deciding enough time had been spent on this, he gave her one final outstretched offer: His phone number, should she ever want to contact him.

For a while afterwards, things seemed to get back to normal. Her relationship with Cilian was... good? It wasn't exactly romantic, but that wasn't really what she wanted. It was raw, passionate, open, and aggressive - no time for pause or serious discussion. They simply worked on impulse, not questioning each other's wants.
Or... at least that was the case. Until Cilian's expectations became too much.
He made the request, asked the question as if it was no big deal. Like it was just something she'd do without a second thought.
"Could you sabotage their car?"
One of the other teams racing had been giving the Pale Snakes a problem for a while, it was true. And it had been getting to Cilian. He needed to be the BEST. And if they couldn't win legitimately... Well, it was evident he had his own plans in mind.
JC was evidently hesitant, and Cilian could see it on her face. Luckily... he knew just how to push the right buttons to get her to go along with it. Did she want to keep losing? Did she want to see their smug faces after each of the races? Couldn't she handle the job he was giving her?
And so, she did it. And watched on as her handiwork was put into practise...

At first, things went as they had many times before. Cilian and his highlighted rival pulled off into the front - the other gang managing to just inch out the lead. Only... that's when things began to go wrong.
The car began to stutter, and stall, and veer. JC's work had been intended to bring it to a sudden stop but at the speed they were travelling, the vechile skidded... and crashed... and burned...
The race was called off as people rushed to pull the driver out. He'd definitely survived... but he was burnt, bruised, battered and broken. And JC was to blame.

"Hey, nice job!" he'd said to her, "Don't think they'll be racing again!"
He'd laughed.
"That shows what happens when you mess with the Pale Snakes!"
He'd kissed her.
"We have any trouble like this again?" he grinned, "Now you know what to do!"

JC knew exactly what to do.

That night she contacted Keith Redgrave. She wanted out. And he was happy to oblige.
The plan was simple enough. All she had to do was propose that she wanted to be a little more... involved with things in the Pale Snakes. She could use the recent events as an excuse - the interference with the race as a claimed 'starting point' for her wanting to be more involved in Cilian's darker dealings. If she could use that to find out the arrangements of the Pale Snake's next illicit dealing, it'd allow the police to turn up and catch them red-handed in the act.
And for the most part... it seemed to go off without a hitch. Cilian was ecstatic to hear that JC wanted to get more involved in Pale Snake matters - insisting she come along to a deal he'd recently planned to hopefully expand the Snakes' influence. She passed the message on and soon... the trap was set.

Cilian, JC, and a few other gang members turned up as planned. The location was a small shop front, the owner of which the Pale Snakes had evidently has past dealings with. Things seemed to be running smoothly at first, with the shop owner briefly nipping into the back to retrieve some items for the group.
Only... something was off. And Cilian was evidently beginning to realise it.
There seemed to be too many people just... hanging around outside. It seemed to've increased significantly since they'd entered the store. And the shopkeep had been gone an awfully long time... Things were wrong. And in the silence, the tension mounted...
And that's when one of the Snakes' clocked on. The individuals outside - the individuals WATCHING THEM at that moment... they had holsters. This could've been one of two things; A rival gang... or the cops.
Cilian didn't bother to find out.

Pulling a gun, the hot-headed boy racer initiated what could have been considered one of the most ill-advised firefight in History. Vastly outnumbered and outgunned, the Pale Snakes only advantage was the shelter the shop provided... and that wasn't much.
JC meanwhile had taken to trying to make her way to the back door through which the shopkeep had exited - and through which now, Keith was emerging, gun in hand. Realising they'd been cornered, the Pale Snakes threw their guns down... mostly.
Seeing JC attempting to escape her way towards the Detective, the cogs turned in Cilian's head. It was evident by this point that they'd been set up. And the only difference this time, the only outlying factor from their usual deals... was that SHE was there.

A moment more and he'd grabbed her - snatching the fabric of her belt as she'd attempted her getaway. In a short moment, this had gone from a sting operation to a hostage situation, pistol trained eagerly against the shark's jaw. And the only person to talk things down from there... was Keith.
It didn't last long. A glance between the detective and the officers outside made it clear that there was no escape for Cilian. Any action performed against Jessica now would only serve to extend whatever sentence they'd already got lined up for him. He'd bought this on himself. And now? Now was his chance to stop.
And so he did. Slowly, ever-so-slowly, he released his girlfriend, his partner-in-crime. Looking her over one last time, he lowered his weapon.
She stepped away from him.
He raised his weapon again, and unloaded a single shot into the back of the one who'd betrayed him.


By the time JC was released from Hospital, Cilian was behind bars, and the shark... had a form of emptiness before her. With the Pale Snakes behind her, Jessica was left with only scars - physically, mentally, and socially. The wound in her back hadn't fully healed, she hadn't fully recovered from the actions of her once-love, and with a criminal record to her name her future didn't exactly seem forth-coming.
It came as a surprise then, when she was approached by Keith Redgrave once more. Invited into his home, he and his wide Ali provided care for her, and worked to help her back onto her feet. She took time with them to build back her own independence, and soon enough with their help opened up a garage of her own - eventually gathering the money to provide for herself and move out into her own apartment.

Things were good... for a while at least. She was moving on with her life, getting back on track, and doing at least decently for herself. At least... until she happened upon an angler fish.
Going by the name of Angelica, the young girl was loud, troublesome, and unfortunately a reminder of the shark's deep loathing of the deep blue. So of course... she wound up taking a shine to the girl - and in turn, the girl to her. Not that either of them would particularly admit it.
As the two grew more open with each other, 'Angelica' soon began to confide in JC. And what she confided... disturbed the shark. The angler told her of a demon lord who had made the young girl into his play thing of sorts - using her young naievety and brash attitude to take advantage of her and lead her down the wrong path.
JC saw herself in the young girl. And saw Cilian in the demon lord. And she got mad.

Not too long after this particular conversation, she soon encountered the demon pulling Angelica into his embrace. And without pausing for a second thought... she laid into him.
In the ensuing chaos, confusion, and fury, Angelica bolted for it. Whilst the demon made his own escape, the fish too vanished, scared of the results of the sharks own anger.

What followed was a search. Flyers, posters, whatever JC could think of to try and find the girl again. A part of her was angry, feeling that the young angler fish had simply abandoned her. Still, she also knew they were a lost little girl, and that they needed to be found. Or at least, that was the thought up until she was found...
It was a brief, rough affair. Two hurt, lost individuals. And unfortunately, the scared young girl, overwhelmed, rather than coming to JC with open arms, came with a knife, and another scar to add to the shark's collection.

Jessica was hurt, and abandoned once more. Giving up the search, they found the flyers, and the posters, and tore them down.
It was fine, if Angelica wanted nothing to do with her... Well, she wasn't the first person to feel that way. And she probably wouldn't be the last.
It was fine, JC kept telling herself. She was over it.

And yet, increasingly lonely, the shark has, and still does seek companionship. Despite an insistence of not needing anyone, the shark has been spending more and more time with the wolf by the name of Samantha Andre - aka DJ Frankenhowl!
It's been a relatively good time, on the up and up after one more low in the shark's life. Still, as most things with JC, the positives have come with more challenges of their own - with the wolf's mother being a Detective more than aware of her criminal past.
Once more, the Pale Snakes and Cilian have cast a shadow over her life. This time though... she's determined she won't let him - or anyone - ruin this for her.
...She doesn't want to be abandoned again.
Conflict Traits
[Bio-Amp] JC's body acts as a biological amplifier, able to play out and enhance sounds, should she have physical contact with a point that the sound is travelling through. Taking the vibrations that pass through her skin, she can then play them back out through her own flesh - essentially turning the volume up using her own body as a speaker.
Her body is also capable of taking in electrical impulses, and playing them out as sound. Whilst this has yet to prove to be particularly useful, using her MP3 player and a couple of crocodile clips, she's made quite a party trick out of the ability.
>[ Distortion ] As well as the ability to enhance and play sound through her body, JC is also capable of manipulating and distorting whatever sound she is emenating. Moving her body alone is enough to change and distort the way vibrations are given off - but she can also have different parts of her body focus on different layers of whatever she's outputting, adjusting the bass, treble, and other elements of the sound. In particular, sounds from her body often come with an exaggerated bass tone - something she has purposefully worked towards.
>[ Sonic Smash ] JC can use her ability to amplify sound to both exaggerate and enhance blunt impacts she delivers. When punching, slapping, or just generally hitting something with something else, the shark can amplify the sonic vibrations during the impact moment to turn smaller strikes into devestating (and extremely loud) blows!
[Tool Belt] Generally speaking, JC nearly ALWAYS has her tool-belt on her. The belt contains a variety of engineers and handimans tools - screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, and a variety of nails and screws all slotted in here and there. In particular, JC often carries a rather large wrench on her - which she uses as both a tool and a weapon!
[MP3 Player] JC very rarely goes anywhere without some form of MP3 player or other musical device. Whilst she does have a pair of standard headphones, more often than not she uses a pair that she's modified, replacing the earbuds with tiger clips. Clipping these to her ear-rings, she can use this alternate version of the device alongside her powers to use herself as a speaker for her chosen tunes - quite literally letting the music flow through her.
[Engineering] As a mechanic, Jessica has a lot of experience with enginering, primarily in regards to cars and motorbikes. As well as being able to perform various standard maintenance tasks on such vechiles, she's also a lot of experience with modding and adding custom additions to various vechiles.
[Biking] Whilst JC is capable of driving a car, the shark holds a much higher preference towards using her motorbike to get around. She can even pull a few minor tricks on her own bike - albeit not ones she often gets to show off in any public locales.
[Sports] JC is an extremely sporty and athletic individual. Spending a lot of time working out, she participates in a great number of sports and sporting activities, with a very active intent of staying in shape and a hugely competitive streak.
>[ Parkour ] One of the shark's preferred methods of getting around, JC took up parkour during her years with the Pale Snakes. Whilst she doesn't find time for it as often these days, she still declares herself as a vocal participant in 'Sharkour'.
>[ Skateboarding ] Matching up with her parkour, JC also has a skateboard she often likes to use to get in and around the streets at a solid speed. She can perform a variety of 2D tricks with her board - and has occasionally been known to attempt aerial tricks too, albeit with a significantly lower success rate.
>[ Football/Soccer ] JC's more competitive attitude is no better displayed than with her activity on the football field. One key outlet for the shark's aggression, she can often be found kicking a ball around the park or fields - and is more than willing to go up against others to prove her own skills.
Combat Tactics
JC is not a particularly skilled combatant. She isn't trained, she lacks an understanding of basic tactics, and she has a general lack of self-preservation.
What the shark does have however, is ounces of aggression, a well-toned physique, and an absolute unwillingness to back down. In a fight, JC has no qualms with getting up in people's faces and using any means neccesary to take the upper hand. In battle, she puts herself all over her opponents, attempting to beat them down with a flurry of fists, wild swings of whatever tools she has on hand, and liberal use of her powers.
Whilst her overly-brutal beatdown attempts do mean she can take people down relatively fast, they also mean she tends to wear herself down relatively fast. If someone can make it past her initial onslaught, she becomes easy-pickings - and generally speaking lacks any form of luck against more seasoned and disciplined competitors.
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • JC is extremely physically fit. Due to her rather competitive nature, she's constantly seeking to improve herself, and thusly is fully capable of pushing herself to extreme limits when it comes to her stamina, strength, and agility.
  • Despite lacking much in the way of a grounded formal education, JC still has managed to garner a variety of skills in her life. A capable tinkerer, an enthused athlete, and generally capable of looking after herself - she's both talented and independent, and most certainly not afraid of letting people know it.
  • More than anything, JC is an extremely motivated and driven individual. If she has a goal of any kind, she has a huge level of determination to achieve it. She is extremely persistent - even where others are willing to give up. She refuses to accept failure as the final option.
  • JC has an INCREDIBLY short temper. She is extremely easy to provoke into violent fits of rage, and this can often be quite costly to her - and not just in terms of fabric and material cost.
  • The shark has a great deal of ego and pride, being incredibly boastful of her own ability. Of course, this often makes her blind to her own faults, and allows others to take advantage of her.
  • Despite her attitude, Jessica is also incredibly vulnerable in many aspects. Whilst she has an obvious fear of water, this ties back to an even greater fear of abandonment - and a deep down belief that everyone will leave her eventually. JC is an incredibly lonely individual - and with her constant lashing out, tends to isolate herself further.
Misc. & Trivia
  • The 'S' on JC's chest is the start of a tattoo that was intended to read 'SHARK TITS'. However, after a single session of having the letter S done, JC realised tattooes actually really hurt, and thusly never returned to have the rest done.
  • The original name for the gang the JC was a part of was 'The White Snakes'. Dregan however, realised that this was actually the name of a rock band, and that he had subliminally stolen it.
  • JC was originally designed as a planned secondary character for an RPG Maker game starring Keith Redgrave. A 'gang informant' type character was wanted, and thusly was created for the role.

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