Caring ¦ Disparate ¦ Uncaring

"I am the day turning to night. I am the first rays of Summer, and the first snow of Winter. I am the old world washed away, and the birth of a new existence. I am Change, and all that comes with it. I am a GOD. Didn't you know...?"

Nen is a troubled young individual. At a young age, having prayed to gods for salvation, he had never recieved an answer. As far as he was concerned, that simply meant that either no gods existed... or none of them cared. Whatever the case, when he eventually came across other lost individuals praying for answers, he decided it only fair that someone should answer them. These people needed a god - and he would be that for them.

Nen is a complete monster. At a young age, he was unwanted and unasked for, and yet nevertheless came into the world and destroyed his family. As far as his father was concerned, he should never have existed... and should recieve no care. Whatever the case, when he eventually came across individuals expending their praise, he decided that they would provide the love he'd never had. These people needed a god - they got Nen instead.

Nen is beyond comprehension. When the universe was young, they answered it's call. As far as they were concerned, the world existed for them... and they would make it care. And yet despite this, the world decided to be rid of them. Nen was gone from the world - they needed people.

People gathered.

Nen returned.

[Full Name] Nentou Outopia [Age] 28
[Nickname(s)] Nen [Gender] N/A
[Species] Deitic Mole [Sexuality] Pansexual
[Occupation] Religious Icon [Theme] Gotye - Heart's A Mess / Voltaire - God Thinks
[Height] 5'10" [Build] A somewhat androgynous figure, evidently sexless. A masculine base, with feminine curves and the slightest hint of breast tissue. Slender but healthy.
[Colour Scheme]
  • Blue fur, skin & hair
  • Gold markings
  • Pale gold eyes & wings
  • Gold striped patterns down sides and over eyes
  • Glowing featureless eyes
  • Large feathered wings
  • Nen is most commonly adorned in a light two-part outfit that leaves the majority of his body exposed. On his upper body, the mole wears simply a hood, attached to a pair of sleeves, with no jacket or torso cover. To the very back of the hood is a long loose strip of cloth that dangles all the way down to his knees. Around his calves he wears too additional strips of cloth, acting as very loose leggings. The entire outfit is white in colour, inlaid with small gold patterns and designs - particularly along the top of the hood, and at the edges of the fabric. The only thing worn in addition with this outfit is a set of gold rings threaded into his hair, as well as a very similar pair of gold bracelets.
  • Prior to his current attire, Nen wore similar, albeit more practical clothing. Vaguely eastern in design, Nen wore a long-sleeved hoodless rober jacket with a matching pair of trousers and shoes - all in similar white-and-gold design - alongside his current hair rings and bracelets. Most notably, in addition to all this, Nen used to wear a pair of square glasses, with a vaguely golden tint to their lenses.
Nen is a... complex, confused individual. Evidently unhinged, Nen is quite literally in two minds about everything. Whilst Nentou as himself is a whole series of issues, the alien thoughts of an otherworldly hanger-on have seen to it that the mole's behaviour is much more abstract, inconsistent and strange.
Nen himself has always been a caring, if horrendously misguided individual. Seeking to provide for and help others, he has nevertheless struggled with the right way to do that - and has thusly sacrificed a lot both in his own life, and unfortunately in the lives of those he's tried to assist. Realising his own errors, and struggling to fix things, Nen in recent-time has fallen to a more timid, subdued and self-destructive attitude - allowing himself to give way in place of the more dominant persona inhabiting him.
The personality that most commonly presents itself is that of a distant deity, a being that sees itself as above all things, and worthy of worship - not helped by the worship it recieves. Whilst it feigns the kindness of the other mind within, it is evidently a less caring individual, and simply wishes to spread it's own influence. It also holds it's own dark level of intent, with the immoral acts it often considers only witheld by the occasional resurfacing of the original Nen.
  • Nen spends a large amount of his time out in the park feeding the birds. It's a simple pleasure, that allows him to feel more at one with the world. Of course, they are far above that - it is simply a pleasure to be followed by creatures that are so compliant in their nature.
  • At his home, Nen has a large collection of photographs of himself and his followers. He hangs them all around the house, using them to justify his works. They are not deserving of such an honour, but it can work to keep the mind more... settled.
  • Most of all, Nen loves to be around people. He desires their comfort and shelter, and is motivated by their closeness. After all... the closer they become, the easier they are to manipulate, and to bring to worship.
  • Nen doesn't like other gods or religion. Having spent his childhood praying to various higher powers, he recieved no answer, and believes whatever deities are out there, they failed him. Now though... they are their own god. And they will not fail.
  • However true it may be, Nen dislikes the idea that he's manipulating people. Whilst they know they're lying to their congregation, they most certainly aren't proud or happy about the fact. It's simply... a neccesity. Besides which, the lie has always been that they're a god, and well. They're not really lying anymore are they?
  • Nen hates being alone. Many times, the loneliness has consumed him, and pushed him to darker and darker points. But now... now he's never alone, is he?
Personal History
Nen did not have the best start in life. Born third of a set of triplets, his parents had not been prepared for the birth of more than one child. The unexpected additional births resulted in too much strain on the poor Outopia mother's body... and thusly it was that she passed away in the Hospital.
Whilst Hitokage, firstborn, was seen as the child they wanted, the triplet's father looked upon the second child Karada as an unwanted extra who had lead to his beloved wife's passing - and Nentou as the final figure who finished her off. Whilst he heaped praise and adoration on Hito, he couldn't bring himself to love his other children. That inability to care for them eventually grew into a hatred. He despised them for what they'd taken from him, and he despised himself for allowing it to happen.
As he became more and more incapable of supporting three children, his money went towards two things - the favoured Hito, and alcohol. The alcohol only served to break down his inhibitions, and took the anger and hatred, and turned it to abuse, verbal, physical, and mental. Kara had it bad, but Nen took the brunt of it, suffering regular beatings and disparagements at the hands of their father. Even when he was sober, the attacks continued, making life in their home a living hell.

Desperate for some escape, a young Nentou turned to prayer. He had no god of preference, simply praying to one, then another, then another. Idols, demons, monsters, he begged anything and everything he could for freedom - but found no answers.
At was on one such occasion of private prayer that Kara approached Nen. Chastising his brother for believing in such things, he had a suggestion of his own. That they gather their stuff together, get ready, and the next time their father went drinking... they would sneak out and run away.

It was a simple plan, not complex at all. And yet, it nevertheless went wrong.
The pair were to get ready individually, get out, and meet up on the ourside. And yet, when Nen reached their meeting point... Kara wasn't there. He waited, and waited, and yet his brother didn't arrive. Worried, Nen hesitantly returned to the house - and through the crack of a doorway, witnessed a shocking sight.
Their father had come home early - and caught Kara in the attempt to escape. It was evident a tussle had occured, Kara on the floor whilst their father stood over him, an open wound dripping blood from the palm of his hand. Reaching with that bloody hand, the Outopia seized ahold of his son - only for Kara to do... something? It wasn't entirely clear what, but whatever it was, it seemed to cause their father to stumble back... and collapse. Kara soon followed, seemingly fainting from whatever it was he'd just done.

For a moment, Nen simply stared on, too afraid to do anything. Yet it soon became clear... noone in the room was moving. Stepping in, he noted his father's extremely shallow breaths, and realised this would be their chance.
Grabbing ahold of Kara, he attempted to carry his brother's unconcious form away. Yet malnourished and fragile as he was, he discovered himself incapable of moving his elder brother far at all - only capable of dragging him a few feet at a time.
Knowing this was the last chance for both of them, Nen looked to the drunk form of his unconcious father... and came to a decision. He wasn't going to pray for help now, he was going to take matters into his own hands.

Dragging Kara to his bed, Nen placed him inside, settling him into a comfortable position and tucking him in. He couldn't take him any further than that, it was the most he could do.
From there, he took a pillow from the bedroom, went downstairs... and held the object to his unconcious father's face 'til that shallow breath stopped. Ringing emergency services, Nen left the phone off the hook as he made his escape.
Eventually, the police arrived to the Outopia household to find it's Patriarch mysterious killed - two of his children sleeping soundly in their beds, completely unaware of the scene downstairs. His third child... had gone without a trace.

Nen spent the next few years growing up on the streets, doing whatever he could to get by. It wasn't glamorous, having to scrape together what food and money he could - and yet in his mind, it was a luxury after the home he'd come from.
Still, it started to become apparent that without much in the way of discernible skills, he'd be left commonly in want. And what he wanted, more than anything else at that time, was money.
And.... just as he wanted it, it appeared. As if by magic, from his pure intent, money appeared in his possession. He could see it, he could feel it... and yet he knew it wasn't possible. With this disbelief, the money seemed to vanish, as if it were never there at all.
It was in this way that Nen discovered his ability to create and control illusions. Powerful illusions, that for all intent and purpose looked, smelled, tasted, sounded, felt, EVERYTHING like they were real.

Using his newfound abilities, Nen suddenly had a new lease on life. Being able to perform as a street magician, he began to earn what little money he could. When he struggled, he could allow himself a little moral leniency, turning his powers to more complex tasks, tricking and decieving people.
As time passed, he went from a struggling self-made street orphan... to a relatively succesful conman. Taking the money he recieved, he shared what he had with those in similar situations, his powers allowing him to fund both himself, and other homeless individuals - garnering a reputation from his generosity.
Still, as he shared with more people, it became evident more money would be needed, and thusly his cons became more ambitious and risky. Becoming overconfident, he was caught out in one particular scheme - and soon found himself having to run into the forest to lie low and escape for a while.
It was during his attempt to hide that Nen came across the ruins and first members of the place that would come to be known as... 'The First Ground'.

Hiding among the trees and undergrowth, Nen came to encounter a set of ruins inhabiting the forest. Old and decrepit, they were evidently built in the worship of some long-forgotten god. And whilst they had clearly been abandoned for some time, right now... there were people inhabiting them.
On closer inspection, Nen came to realise the people were praying. They didn't know who or what they were praying to... but all of them were desperate. They had had problems, and as he had done when he was younger, had turned to whatever higher powers they could in the hopes of divine guidance. No answer had come, and thus they'd turned to this place - hoping that perhaps whatever god watched over this shrine was true and real. That from this place, someone above was listening.
These people NEEDED a god. They would settle for no mortal power, they required deietic power lest they abandon all hope forever. And yet... no help came to them.
Nen made a choice.

Using his powers of illusion, he approached them as a fallen god. He presented himself as a being of great power, that had dropped from it's perch - and yet had now returned to assist the people who called out to him.
In their desperation, in their need for a god, they chose to believe. They came to him with their problems, and confided to him. He lended an ear to each of them, lended his time to their problems.
He knew that no god above would answer the prayers of these people. But Nen? Nen would.

It started small. Just the people who had been there to begin with - and he helped each of them however he could. Word however, spread on from them... and soon enough what started as a small following grew into a full-fledged cult.
As the numbers that came to him grew, Nen's deceptions had to grow also. A simple claim of godhood grew to something more, Nentou having to expand and create lore and backstory to match up with his claims. He had to invent stories of the past, and maintain his image of the presence. He had to live the life of the god that he claimed to be.
This forced him to put his powers to the test more than he ever had before, maintaining the illusion by... well, maintaining his illusions. It was through this that he discovered himself to be more powerful than even he was aware - discovering that by maintenance of his falsehoods, after enough time passed... his illusions could become reality.

Of course, the more elaborate the story became, and the more attention that Nen garnered, the harder it became to maintain. Whilst the majority of those who made up the now-dubbed 'First Ground' had come out of desperation, and had almost opted to blindly believe, some were a lot more skeptical.
In particular, Nen took notice of one particular member of his following, a young man by the name of Kane. The man was, in truth, an undercover reporter, determined to expose the cult for what it was. Nen knew he had to be careful around them, lest the truth of his past be discovered.
The past which soon came to haunt him.

Reports from his followers suggested to Nen that they'd seen a man who looked VERY much like him. Though rather than fur of blue, they had fur of red - the same colour of Karada.
Eagerly, Nen sought out the company of his brother - and eventually they found one another. The moles were overjoyed to find one another once again, speaking on amicable terms. However, the more they spoke, the more clear it became that the two's path had diverged.
Kara had evidently... lost it. He spoke of how the world had wronged them both... and how they should work together to bring destruction back on that world. As far as Nen was concerned, he was working to fix some of those problems in the world. They debated, went back and forth, but neither would budge over on their view.
In the end, unable to bring themselves to take extreme actions against each others directly opposing goals, they made a simple uneasy promise to one another. Nen would not step in Kara's way - he would be wholly uninvolved. In return Kara made a simple chilling promise... he would do naught to hurt those who followed Nen. As long as someone was a member of The First Ground, they'd be safe from him. As for anyone else...

It was not long after this that Nen's followers bought Saida to him. Saida had the ability to amplify the powers of anyone who made contact with her - and his followers hoped that meant contact with her could perhaps unlock his locked-away 'godly powers'. Realising he had no choice but to play along, Nen held her hand - only for his powers to go wildly out of control whilst he made contact with her - an apparent common side-effect of her ramping up people's powers.
Despite that non-standard meeting and introduction, Nen took an instant liking to her, and she to him too. Having been bought in at first as a bit of a skeptical, she spoke to him like a person instead of some godly being - and it made him realise how isolated he'd been.
Indeed, it wasn't long before he was head over heels for her. And yet... he forbade himself from pursuing her. He knew he couldn't bring himself to date or form a relationship with someone, whilst still decieving them of his true nature. And at the same time, he knew revealing himself would probably cause her to abandon him - as well as perhaps bring about the end of the First Ground.
So instead, he simply pined for her - appointing her his High Priestess and being more and more open with her. At the same time, he maintained his facade, and made sure even as they grew close, the real Nen was kept at a distance from her. It became regrettably apparent that maintaining the First Ground and keeping his followers happy, also meant sacrificing the chance to build friendships and relationships in a true and open manner.
His followers were the closest things to friends he had. And Saida, as his high priestess, was the closest thing to a relationship he COULD have.

Unfortunately, it soon came apparent that he wasn't the only one interested in Saida. Someone who had been spying on him for a while now also had interest in her immense powers - his eldest brother Hito.
Whilst Kara had become a bitter, twisted version of himself during their years apart, Hitokage had completely gone off the rails. Quite literally incapable of controlling his emotions, he'd become a gibbering wreck of a man - driven and overpowered by the feelings of whoever surrounded him, rather than his own.
When Hito confronted Nen in private, demanding Saida over, Nen felt the need to keep her away from his brother. His brother, inturn, felt the need to keep Saida away from Nen. Emotions escalated, a fight broke out, and both of them barely escaped with their lives.

None of this, helped matters with Kane. As Nen's past became a more ever-present force in his life, and as he grew more open due to Saida's guidance, the reporter began to piece together the parts.
The First Ground was growing, beginning to become less of a cult and more of a recognised religion, as it's word spread further. First out of the forest and into the city... and then into the wider world.
With this spread, more information on Nen came to light, and soon enough Kane Vita had pinned down the self-claimed deity's true identity. He was more than ready to publish his story, and tear the whole thing apart - and unfortunately, Nen realised this.

Summoning the reporter to a secluded area of the forest, Nen did what he could to try and convince Kane to stop. It was evident however, that the newshound had no intention of keeping his discoveries secret, and that he would soon expose Nentou for the fraud that he was.
Nen knew he had to stop him. Everything that had happened up to now would fall apart. The people who had first found him, who'd needed a god, would have been failed and betrayed once more. Some of his followers would give up altogether. Some would lose all faith in all things...
Then there was the matter of Kara, who had made his promise oh-so-specific. He wouldn't hurt any of Nen's followers... as long as they were still his followers. Those that turned away from Nen's deceit, would be turning into the hands of a figure far more sinister.
And then there was Hito. Hito who was so far gone now. Hito who wanted Saida. Who wanted Saida so badly.
Hito who, as Nen had recently discovered, was now allied with Kara. If Kane destroyed the First Ground, there was no 'might' about it. He would be putting the lives of his followers directly in danger. Nen couldn't allow that.

He couldn't bring himself to kill the man - so he found an alternate solution. Using his illusions, he made the poor man believe that he had taken root - casting illusions to override the man's feelings, senses, appearance, everything. He kept him there as long as he could, maintained it all until it realigned and settled into reality. Until Kane Vita was no longer a being of flesh and blood... but an anthropomorphic tree, rooted to the spot. He would not die - indeed, he still had his senses, he could talk, he could move to a degree, his needs were provided by the soil, sun, and rain around. He simply... could not leave. He was entrenched too deeply. He had no legs to leave on.
Nen did not abandon him there either - he considered it too cruel. Instead he returned when he could, and... opened up. It was strange, Kane evidently despised him. Yet... he was now the one person Nen could talk to - tell all his secrets to. He could be himself around him.
It was the truthful company he so desperately craved. In some bizarre and twisted way, Kane was now the one person Nen could treat as a friend.

With no immediate threats to Nen's identity openly apparent, the First Ground's growth spiked upwards. Gaining full public recognition, the began to expand into the city with an official church building, converting an unused public venue into a centre of worship.
Despite a significant degree of social hesitance from the locals, the First Ground's help after one particular local disaster helped to give them more positive public recognition. Nen used the opportunity too, to assist some of the city's homeless - using the new resources at his disposal to provide shelter and feed those who were less fortunate.
Everything seemed to be going well. And of course, it was at this point, that Nen's decline began.

Among the homeless that Nen assisted, was a young woman by the name of Lydia. A self-made superhero, despite her own poverty and background, she sought to help others, adorning herself in a grubby dog-themed costume as she did her best to save others. Nen found himself resonating with her story and her goals, and thusly began to do what he could to assist her... and soon enough, he had fallen head over heels for the girl.
As with Saida however, he refrained to act upon it. He couldn't bring himself to try and be with her whilst lying about his true nature - and he couldn't risk exposing himself to her lest it lead to a complete collapse of the First Ground. He needed to be there for his followers... and thusly sacrifice his chance for a real attachment to someone once again.
Of course, oblivious to all this, Lydia continued to attend Nen's church. She too, had quite evidently developed feelings for him, and he knew this. And the fact he couldn't respond to those feelings only further served to enhance the self-claimed deity's crippling loneliness...

As he became more and more consumed by his own feelings, the growth of the First Ground began to grab the attention of other individuals - deities of claims a lot more genuine than his own. A claimed God of Joy, and a fallen God of The Sun among them. And as these beings presented themselves to him... he snapped.
Whilst he'd in the past as a child he had prayed to the Gods and found no answer, now they apparently stood before him to defy what he was building in the First Ground. He called out the apparent God of Joy on it's failings to bring happiness to him or others, whilst physically assaulting the Sun God Cyrus, taking out years of fury on the being that could not be killed by his mortal hand. All the while, his mental state deteriorated further and further. Whilst he still appeared to his congregation as Nentou Outopia, a stable and glorious leader, in private he grew increasingly unstable.

Matters did not become any better as time passed. For as Nen returned to the spot where Kane stood to offload his problems, Lydia's growing concern for his well-being resulted in her following him... and witnessing for herself the confessions of a mere mortal, to a victim of his deceptions. Lydia confronted Nen, demanding he release poor Kane from his now tree-like form, revealing she now knew his true nature.
This was a final straw for the mole. He did as she asked, releasing Kane... before moving into solitude. He hid away, the First Ground beginning to collapse in his absence as he slowly destroyed himself. Indeed, were it not for the pity of Cyrus, he would have taken his own life - the fallen deity acting as a confidante to the illusionist... despite a resentment still hanging between them.
Despite her fury, Lydia too showed him pity - and occasionally made sure to visit to check on him. With her knowing the truth, he could become more open and honest with her. And the more honest he could be with both her and Cyrus... the more his mental state began to slowly improve again.
Eventually, against the odds, both Nen and Lydia's feelings and openness developed to the point that they actually moved into a real relationship.

Unfortunately, it was not to last. An individual by the name of Ampersand had in recent times grown suspicious of the First Ground - especially after Nen's recent neglect of it had left the following with various questions. He'd spoken with Saida - and exposed and ever-growing feeling of doubt within her. He spoke with Lydia too - who he'd known from long before this period - and caused her to question how she truly felt about Nen.
The answer was that it was... complex. That whilst she loved him, the relationship they were having seemed to show it was not in the way she had thought. It was more a familial bond. And it felt wrong to continue as they were.
She broke up with him... and he was left devastated.

Cyrus suggested that perhaps Nen should try something he hadn't before... and attempt to lead a normal life. So that he wouldn't have to complicate things, or keep hiding from people. So that he could develop normal relationships.
Unfortunately it became rather immediately clear that Nen didn't really know HOW to live normally. What followed was an act of sorts, a man pretending to be normal as he began to schedule in everyday activities, planning out days as specifically as he could be as 'normal' as possible. Saida, witnessing these strange behaviours, and realising that he wasn't coming back to the First Ground... decided she'd finally had enough. And she left.

It was not long after this that Hito seized her. It had become clear that both Hitokage and Karada, Nen's brothers, were working together towards their goal of total annihilation. Kara had promised he wouldn't lay a hand on anyone as long as they were a member of The First Ground - but now Saida had left, and by their agreement... he could take her.
It wasn't long before Cyrus discovered this - and went to Nen about the matter. And whilst Nen had in the past agreed to leave Kara be... he knew he couldn't allow Saida to come to harm.
The pair mounted a rescue mission, working their way up an abandoned multi-storey building in the Old Town as they confronted the other two brothers. Hito was ambushed and taken out easily - blasted through a crumbling wall in a raw display of power. Kara however was waiting for the two... and wanted to lend Nen a final offer.
Nentou had been wronged by the world over and over and over. He could join Karada now - and they would be able to take vengeance on a planet that evidently had no place for him. Nen was clearly incapable of living a normal life - even after this he wouldn't be able to go home and go to a standard existence. Nen was too broken - they'd both been wronged too hard. This was a chance to do things a different way... their way.
Nen responded by embracing his brother... before casting him from the roof of the building. As he turned back, Saida had ran to safety - not to him, but to Cyrus.

Nen left the building... and didn't return home. He simply left... and for a while was gone.

In truth, he'd retreated to be by himself, hiding far away up in the mountains. He'd become a hermit, with no real sign left as to where he'd gone... bar the occasional strange twisting and turning in the air some observed in the skies over the mountain range. A disturbance that could occasionally be caught - and then was gone.
Unfortunately for his hermit state, some people began to take notice... and among them, was Kara. Having survived his tumble from the building, he sought to try and do what he could to ensure Nen wouldn't be a problem for him again... as well as Cyrus. Feeding the Sun God small pieces of information through letters and pictures, he tempted the deity to seek out Nen once more. Cyrus took the bait... and went out to search.
He wasn't alone however. Lydia, still caring about Nen, had shared her concerns for his well-being with an increasingly-unstable Ampersand. The young man, seeking to make her happy, had decided to delve out to the mountains himself, intent on forcefully dragging the mole back to civilisation. Meeting up with Cyrus, the pair sought out the man's precise location.

It was clear isolation had done little for Nen's mental state, the trail littered with snowmen and tree carvings all created in replication of a community to interact with. Where the trail ended was a cave in which the mole's powers had been put to heavy use, illusions-become-reality having taken the form of impossible spaces, including a door in the back of the cave which opened directly to a beach outside. It was on this beach that the two came to re-encounter Nentou.
He seemed at peace in some senses - and yet, detached in others. He claimed the beach as a form of paradise, attempting his best to present the idea that he wasn't lonely and that he was extremely happy there... despite the evidence all around the mountain having pointed to the contrary. Cyrus attempted to reason with him, to see if he could give civilisation another chance.
Ampersand meanwhile... lost his patience.

Overtaken by his own instability, Ampersand assaulted Nen - before turning on Cyrus too as the beast within him consumed his mind. Nen crawled for the door to the mountain... only to find the cavern on the other side had been collapsed. Kara had followed Cyrus and Ampersand up the mountain, and taken this opportunity to trap all his problems away on this impossible beach.
Injured from the assault, with no immediate escape evident, Nen simply... gave up. As Nen crawled for freedom, Cyrus had managed to quell the fury and the beast within Ampersand - but now was unable to draw any form of cooperation from the individual he'd come up here to see in the first place.
It was suggested he could perhaps create them a way back - another illusory door that with time could become solid, and give them a chance at escape. But the mole refused. As far as he saw it, he'd found peace here. And that Cyrus and Ampersand had came and destroyed it all for him again. If they all just died there... he'd be fine with that.

Ampersand wasn't quite willing to accept that. Deciding that if Nen wouldn't help them, he'd simply have to sort it himself, he made use of his own power to step into the Mirror World. Grabbing Cyrus, he approached the ocean, and stepped into it's reflection... abandoning Nen.
The mole simply sat there by himself, waiting for death to consume him as he bled. It wasn't too long before he passed out. And when he awoke... it was in an entirely different location.
It turned out that Ampersand had felt guilty for abandoning Nen, and had returned for him. He'd come back, made sure the mole's wounds were tended to... and dropped him off in a mental institute.

Nen was immediately uncooperative. He had to be restrained, to prevent him from harming himself or those who were attempting to treat him. He refused food or drink and therefore had to be forcefed. He was antagonistic and self-depreciative all at the same time. He even tried to lash out with his illusions - albeit soon found himself incapable as a collar around his neck nullified his powers.
The 'treatment' didn't help either. His assigned psychiatrist had a strong belief in her own brand of experimental care - and in an attempt to find the source of his problems used her own ability to see portions of Nen's youth... by making his mind relive it.
Further traumatised by the ordeal, he attempted to fight off further attempts by the psychiatrist, beginning to see her as a tormentor and torturer as opposed to someone who was trying to help. Whilst they were getting a better understanding of Nentou, his condition and mental state was worsening in his percieved isolation.

Thusly they decided on a different approach - trying to give Nen someone to relate to and care about, in the hopes that more normal interaction would perhaps lead to a more cooperative response from the mole. As such, he was paired up with Arti, a significantly younger man with aggression issues, who had been treated there for a while. Arti was evidently troubled - but held the psychiatrists there in high regard. It was hoped that Nen would perhaps see the positive influence the asylum had had on this young individual, and become less hostile.
And it seemed to work... to a degree. Nen evidently still despised the psychiatrist and her co-staff - but was friendly towards Arti, and became signficantly more cooperative in his presence. He was still refusing treatment, but was at least beginning to eat and drink, and even assisted Arti in fixing his handheld game system when it broke. The only issue was Nen's repeated insistence now that he'd be out of their soon. He had no longer given up on living... be he still desperately craved to leave this place.

As Nen remained inside the Asylum, outside there was a problem. The distortions over the mountains had become worse, the sky itself seeming to be bending and tearing overhead. The impossible spaces Nentou had created during his time of solitude had begun to have a negative effect on the area, reality beginning to unhinge. It was unclear what would happen if this were to allow to continue... but it most definitely needed to be stopped.
They knew Nen could stop it. The Asylum had a difficult decision to make.

Taking the mole to a private meeting, they asked him to come with them up the mountain. They wanted to escort him there so he could fix this, appealing to his good will.
Nen didn't play ball.
He stated that he would go and sort it himself if - and only if - he was released. It was suggested that once they'd taken him to the mountain he could be released then... however he refused, with an open belief that they'd backstab him and take him back in to the asylum when he was done. They had to let him go, and if they didn't? He'd allow this break in reality to spread and do... whatever it would do.
The head of the institute insisted they simply couldn't let him go like that, not legally. Nen suggested instead then, that they stage a 'break out'. His psychiatrist objected, however... the head agreed.

It was a simple plan in practise. The psychiatrist would enter Nen and Arti's cell one day, with the key to Nen's collar on her person. As she was to approach Nen he would 'hit' her in the side of the head. A small show tap - but enough for her to throw herself to the floor and pretend to be 'downed' by the attack. This would give Nen a limited time to take the key from her person, release his collar, and use his now-available powers to turn invisible, and disguise his exit.
Thus it was set up. On the day of the escape, filled with misgivings, the psychiatrist entered Nen's room, and awaited the attack. A small hit to the head that she could pretend was a serious blow. Unfortunately... she got a lot more than that.
Seeing this as a chance to have some semblance of vengeance against the woman who'd been torturing him all this time, and seeing as he'd been given 'permission' to hit her, Nentou readied up... and swung a heavy kick to the side of her head! As she went down, the mole was immediately upon her, snatching the key as she hit the floor, releasing his collar, and immediately wrapping himself in his illusions to turn truly invisible.
He immediately felt bad. No, not for the psychiatrist who was now lying as a crumpled heapon the floor - he had no pity for that abusive monster. No, he felt bad for Arti, the young man panicking, violently screaming and crying out as the orderlies rushed in in a panic. This whole event would've done him no good... but it had been the ssylum's plan. Slipping out the door, he followed the directions the institute's head had given him, and made his escape - vanishing into the night.

And for a while after that, Nen was simply... gone. He seemingly kept his end of the bargain, the skies over the mountain top clearing as reality corrected itself. But after that he just... disappeared.
In truth he had taken to wandering, going place to place with no real goal or aim in mind. He felt that he couldn't return to the city, but didn't have anywhere he belonged. He moved between different villages for a while, getting small time jobs to help out, before immediately leaving the moment anyone showed an interest in getting to know him.
Still, his continued self-isolation began to lay heavy on his heart. He wanted some connection to someone again, yet feared dragging anyone new into his life - lest they found out who he truly was and thusly cast him out. As such he reached out to people from his past - people like Lydia, and Cyrus. He wrote them letters, telling of his current status... though never leaving a return address, lest they may seek to track him down.
And whilst Cyrus or Lydia never did, his continued letter-sending did manage to draw the attention of a man who'd been seeking him for a while. Tracing his movements and activity, this man came to confront Nen.
His name was Azazel. And he was the new High Priest of the First Ground.

It turned out that in Nen's absence, whilst at first the First Ground had faltered, it had now settled it's membership, with a group of most zealous and hard-believing followers still going strong. Whilst the faith of many had disengaged in their god's lack of presence, other's beliefs only grew stronger as they saw 'signs' (such as those wavering mountains) from a deity who was seeking to test their resolve.
Among these faithful was Azazel himself, who'd been working in Nen's absence to maintain the First Ground. He had gone to the ruins from which the cult had first begun, and begun to translate the runes there, revealing the words of the long-forgotten God of Change who had once been worshipped there... and attributing those passages as Nen's own.
Now, this man had tracked Nen down... and was asking for him to return. As far as Azazel was concerned, he had done all he could to pass this imaginary test. He'd translated those runes, he'd passed on the word, and he had sought out his god in the flesh. Surely now he would return to them?

This gave Nen pause for thought, a chance to reflect on the last few months. He considered all that had gone wrong, the people he'd hurt and disappointed. He'd tried to live a normal life and failed. He'd tried to live in isolation, and that had gone wrong too.
And yet despite his failings, here was a man who was asking for him back. Someone who saw him as wondrous, who sought his guidance - who sought his help.
The last time Nen had helped anyone... The last time he'd done anything worthwhile in his own life... The last time he'd anything to help the lives of others... It was all in the First Ground.
It was all he could do. It was all he had to offer. The man Nen was worthless, unable to do anything for anyone, unable to live life, unable to even exist properly. But the God...?

Nen accepted Azazel's request. And soon enough he was back in Trinus, back in the place and position he once was as the leader of the First Ground. He was worshipped by his people once more, as he did all that he could to provide for them. Only... this time it was different.
He knew of his own failings, he understood that allowing himself - allowing his wants and desires to in any way interfere with things, would spell doom for them all. Nentou the person had to take a backseat, so Nentou the deity could prevail. He needed to put himself second, to sit in the backseat as he fulfilled the role as it was required. He needed to detach himself and lose control, so that the person his followers believed him to be could take full control.
He needed to adapt too. Azazel had taken his own words in the past... and mixed them in with the past words of this God of Change. If they were to believe they were his own words, he would have to treat them as such. He could preach his own teachings... whilst also repeating those that Azazel had translated. He was no longer just his own invention, but also had to recreate himself to be this past being as well.
He needed to no longer be himself.
He needed to become his new identity.
He needed to ensure that they would believe.

It was around this point that Nen found himself undergoing a series of changes not entirely of his own choosing. As he tried to further conform to his follower's beliefs, he soon found his very form adapting as well. Over the course of a few weeks, his body slowly began to alter, becoming less masculine in figure - and indeed losing any identifying features of his original gender - until he was entirely physically androgynous.
Even more drastic changes were soon to follow. The colour and pupils faded from their eyes to be replaced by an ethereal glow, as enormous angelic wings sprouted forth from their back. Nen now was no longer simply a mortal playing the part of the God of Change, but also the embodiment of the First Ground's vision of a deitic being. And that's when the voice came.

At first, Nen thought it was their own voice. They spoke the same words, preaching the same messages and sharing the same stories. It was like the two were one. Only... whilst Nentou had put themselves to the back of their mind to play the character of a deity, the voice was putting itself right to the front and was speaking openly. And the mole was blind to it...
In truth, Azazel's translation of the texts and the subsequent worship and belief in the ancient god of the First Ground ruins had reawoken and reempowered the long-forgotten identity. By allowing their own identity to take a back seat, Nen had allowed that presence in to drive, and consume their day-to-day existence. They had unwittingly made themselves a passenger in their own body to a being far more powerful than Nen had even been by themself.
Nentou had nearly entirely given up control. And their indifference to their own sense of self had left them completely unaware.

It seemed that the man who was Nen had nearly faded away... but unfortunately for the entity who had tried to take their place, there was too much history from the mole's past to let them go entirely. Chance encounters sparked emotions, feelings, and recognition from Nen. Experiences with Lydia and Cyrus lead to breaks in the facade. As they questioned the mole's return - the mole's changes and behaviour - the mortal part of Nen's mind began to question things too.
And then there was Hito.
Nen's eldest brother had survived the previous encounter... and it had changed him. Having been blasted through the wall in that old abandoned building Hitokage had lost the use of his legs... and more importantly had lost the use of his powers. The powers that had driven his madness. Without them he'd turned over a new leaf - and in his repentance had sought Nen out.
But the strangest part of the whole thing... was that Nen didn't recognise him - at least, not at first. Their triplet with whom they shared a face, with whom they'd shared so many experiences. Nen had spent their childhood - no their entire life - resenting Hitokage. And yet when the white mole had rolled into their church, directly into the First Ground temple... they didn't recognise them.

Well, not at first at least. But with time the recognition phased back in, and Nen's emotions - Nen's presence in their body - grew. And they were confused, and furious. They moved to cast Hito out... only for them to question Nen's being. Nen's mind. And even through the haze of anger, even through turning Hitokage away... the questions wormed their way in - and made Nen realise.
The reason they hadn't recognised their own brother... was because it wasn't them in the first place. Nen had become aware of the other presence, the deity within their body taking control of their life. And yet... they had no will to do anything about it.

The presence knew they had been discovered - but was also confident that Nen no longer had enough presence of self to fight back against their influence. They decided to keep Nentou passive through allowing them... small times to themselves. They could go to the park, feed the ducks. Maybe take a picture here or there. Tiny, passive things that would keep them satisfied, without giving them any drive to actually do anything for themself...
The deity meanwhile, could continue as they pleased. Preaching their own word and growing in power - leading the cult that had been prepared for them in their absence. Bringing about the change they wanted. There could still be the occasional pangs of Nen from their past, but those moments were growing more few and far between. And with no future to think of, the true Nentou could over time simply drift away... becoming lost in the god that had laid claim to their body.

...Unfortunately, there has been one minor issue.
In recent times, certain individuals have provided Nen with a reason to interact - a reason to exist. In particular, one orange hedgehog by the name of Electrisa has become a recurring presence... and provided Nentou with enough desire and drive for interaction and reality that they're no longer fading.
Nen is finding their identity again. And it is left to the deity to work out how to hollow that out... and drive the mortal man into an abyss of pointless nothingness.
Conflict Traits
[Illusion] Nen innately has the power to create very powerful and convincing illusions. Specifically, he can form illusions that are capable of fooling all of the senses - able to imitate sight, sound, even touch. He is capable of maintaining three primary illusions at once - though they are capable of forming their own miniature sub-illusions as a means of self-maintenance. For instance, if an illusory nail were to drag across a real car, it would create the illusion of a scratch on that car's surface, further serving to pass as 'real' in the eyes of most people.
Whilst powerful however, these illusions are not entirely without fault. They cannot give off true light and thusly illusions of flame or other light-giving energies or objects may often struggle to appear real in darkenered areas. On top of this, the illusions may be dispelled by trying to force them to do the impossible - for example, they cannot hold actual physical weight, so leaning against an illusory wall or putting an object on an illusory table would serve to break and thusly end the illusion.
>[ Manifestation ] The most powerful aspect of Nen's illusions come with longevity. Over the course of a few days, if an illusion remains unbroken, it can slowly warp the world around it... until the illusion becomes real. This is a rarity, as Nen tries to avoid maintaining any singular illusion for a particularly extended amount of time - however for any change in the world he truly desires, it provides a unique form of reality manipulation.
The true limits of this ability haven't been fully tested, however it is at this point known that at the very least he cannot create life out of it. Plants and flowers will wither and die, and any attempt to create animals or people simply fail.
>[ Implantation ] An extension of his powers, Nen may, if he so wishes, plant illusions not into the real world, but directly into people's minds. By making physical contact with someone, he can feed them visions and images, allowing them to see and feel things in that moment that nobody else is aware of. These visions may only remain as long as Nen maintains physical contact, and may not manifest as his illusions in the real world can.
[Configuration] As Nentou's powers have grown, the deity has become capable of bringing change about in an extremely powerful way. They can manipulate and alter reality in a localised area around themselves, bringing about strange and impressive changes in the environment. They can form and take away objects and barriers as they see fit, and change things to better fit within their liking to an extremely precise degree. The only thing the power seems incapable of changing is individuals within it's influence - although their clothes and the area around them are fair game for the deitic power.
These changes however, are never permanent. Once Nentou has left an area, it ceases to be under their influence. From there, it will slowly rearrange itself until it is back in it's original form - as if completely untouched.
[Leadership] Nen seems to have the natural ability to have others rally beneath them. Not only do they have the ability to have others follow them, they are also capable of leading and organising people in a practical and beneficial manner - able to assign roles and jobs in the most appropriate way to achieve the best results.
[Manipulation] Nen is an extremely charismatic individual, capable of having a large audience of individuals hang off their every word. They are capable of lying, cheating, and decieving people on a huge scale - having practised in their youth as a conman, prior to operating as the false god of The First Ground. Twisting the truth where needed, and relying on pure force of personality when neccesary, Nen is very capable of getting people to believe in their word - and then using that belief to further have people follow their command.
[Knife Skills] Having spent a portion of his youth on the streets, Nen has picked up a few minor talents for surviving under more harsh conditions. Among these skills, is the ability to use a knife in a variety of unusual and dangerous ways.
Combat Tactics
Nen is not what one would call a capable combatant. Nevertheless, in most circumstances they don't attempt to be. In most circumstances, the mole will attempt to avoid or diffuse conflict - prepared to use their charisma as means to a more peaceful solution... or using their illusions as means to an escape.
If avoiding conflict isn't a option however, Nen will act to end things quickly and efficiently. Making use of their innate illusory powers and their granted configurative abilities, they do what they can to disable their foes - doing things such as sinking an opponent into the ground, or making them believe in the illusion that they are no capable of walking. Anything that they can do to not prolong the situation, and resolve it in their own favour.
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Nen is an extremely powerful individual. Capable of manipulating the world around them, and around others in that area of influence, they are a significant threat to any who would try to oppose them directly. Even what they can't change, they can form the illusion of having changed - forming doubt in people's mind as to what and isn't real around them.
  • Nen has a large following filled with a variety of powerful and unique individuals. Even in their deity's absence they're willing to act upon their will - and provide for and serve them where they can.
  • Nen is charismatic and manipulative. With powers to help back up whatever falsehoods they claim, it isn't difficult for them to convince others that their words are true - and to use that to their own advantage.
  • Nen is an extremely unstable individual. Even prior to his current state, young Nen had a habit of veering towards extremely self-destructive behaviours, isolating himself in his loneliness, and living a life deprived of normal interaction, believing that things that would make him happy would only serve to be harmful to others. Now, with two personalities in their head with very different moral and personal values they are increasingly incapable of controlling themselves as their sanity fractures further and further.
  • Nen is not capable of interacting or living like a normal person. The very concept of doing normal day-to-day activities scares and confuses Nen - and they don't know how to take part in standard hobbies or society.
  • Nen is entirely reliant on their powers. If deprived of them, they aren't particularly capable of anything significant.
Misc. & Trivia
  • Nen has a large collection of photographs in his home, containing happy pictures of their followers. Not a single one of these pictures is a legitimate photo, all of them instead having been created by Nen with the express purpose of pretending they have normal, healthy relationships with people.
  • Nentou and his two brothers represent the trinity of body, mind, and spirit. Nen is primarily representitive of the mind, particularly with his powers over illusion, and ability to influence the way people think or what they believe.
  • Very early concepts for the Outopias had a pair of illusionist characters, an abusive father and his victimised son. The son would uncover his father was using illusions as a means of leading a cult to believe him a cult - causing the son to rise up and fight back. These concepts were eventually shifted and played around with to create the character of Nen.

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