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Please read me

Hey! I'll keep this short:

- Don't draw my characters without permission, even if I have you authorized. I'm usually very willing to give it, so please don't be afraid to ask, I just don't handle surprises well (even if they are nice).

- I'm an adult, and my characters may have various adult themes, be generally NSFW, or otherwise not be for everyone. I'm setting up character warnings as I actually work on things, so please check those.
Some characters may still be lacking profile warnings because I haven't edited them since that feature... went live... but any images should be tagged, and the NSFW filter is used!

Do not
  • Draw my characters without asking first
  • Draw outside of this tag setting without my explict permission.
  • Expect me to trade/sell any characters not explictly marked- favs and polite inquires are fine, but the answer will probably be No.
May Contain
  • General adult content/NSFW
  • Blood, gore and violence
  • Self-harm and related topics

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