4 years, 6 months ago


Creature | Mid 20s | He/they | Gay
Is he a ghost? A demon? A goo monster? He’s all three, baby!!

Artfight ID# 1377986


He’s very formal and polite but can come off as distant because he’s often depressed and stuck in his own head. He can be incredibly charming when he tries. He’s a chronic people-pleaser and cares a lot about how he comes off to others. He lacks confidence in himself and can fall into cycles of self-destruction and self-sabotage. He has a ton of self loathing and tends to blame himself for any problem he has.

Around close friends he’s far less formal and way more blunt while still incredibly charming. While he’s not great at talking about his feelings, he really likes to go out of his way to do things for the people he cares about. When upset he forgets his strength and can do a lot of physical damage. He’ll go to extremes when the people he cares about are in danger.

Design Notes

  • His shoulder-length curly/wavy hair can be parted either way but usually is covering one of his eyes
  • He has large hands & forearms 
  • His teeth are sharp, uneven, & yellow. Feel free to play with them.
  • Ears are expressive, they tend to point upward when happy or excited and downward when upset or startled.
  • he loves earrings and loves to mix and match
  • His eyes are gold and slope down outward
  • the sparkles covering his body are random and can be drawn as constellations
  • his can can either be dark blue or black with a blue iridescent shine
  • His tail is optional