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Theme - Lakim - A Pimp Named Slickback / Jet Grind Radio - Everybody Jump Around / Razzle Dazzle

Gender - Female

Race - Spotted Hyena

Age - Old enough for grown-up juice

D.o.B. - Unknown

Sign - Unknown



She's a pimp named Slickback. She's also mute. But she will respond in MSpaint-esque photos.

LIKES -☆ - PJ'sDISLIKES -☆ - Sass


HEIGHT - 3'EYE COLOR - Dark Ivory
WEIGHT -150lbsHAIR COLOR - Hazel
FEATURES - Slickback has a definitive hunch with a chubby central body. Her hands and feet are very small.
STYLE -She's willing to wear just about anything as long as it's comfortable.



 Disposition - Her facial expression and posture never seem to change so you can always just assume she's silently judging you Color - Light grey blue
 Outlook - Lives each day to it's fullestANIMAL - Hyenas naturally
 Behavior - Illegable, franklySEASON - Fall
Flexibility -Has a very logical point of view though you'll usually never see it being used to fix your problemsWEATHER - After rain
 Boldness -She would probably walk up to Satan himself with the same disposition you would an ant on your countertop Food - Junk Food
Humor - Dry Drink - Soda and Grown-up juice
Conversation - She's never one to start a conversation Item - Small, trinket-like objects. Such as buttons, keychains, or jewelry.
 MotivatION - Unknown
INTERESTS - Doing whatever she wants to do
 Quirks & Habits - She's very well known for her slight smile and sideways stare

SlickPack Ranks

While usually seen on her own out and about, you can occasionally catch her hanging out with the rest of her pack. Any hyena that Slickback is cool with can join her pack. Though rank is determined by her and is rarely changed. To avoid confusion with other hyena's and their pack's, Slickback's gang took to calling themselves, "The SlickPack".

The SlickPack Ranks:

Matriarch - Leader aka Slickback

Heiresses - Second in command/will inherent rank upon leader's death.

Wingman - Trustworthy companions. Slickback can count on these fella's for anything! Not you though. You're gettin' the stink eye...

Oddity - Not your typical hyena. Has their quirks.

Mealybug - Lowest rank. Not necessarily bad, you just won't ever go bowling with Slickback and her Wingmen. Ever.