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Desmoni Species Description

Desmonians are vampire bat demons with hooves, horns, and leaf-shaped noses. A Desmoni may be a demon, but they 
are not "bad." They are just beings who prefer darkness. These beings have the ability to manipulate shadows, allowing
them to create illusions and blend in with their environment. The only drawback is that their horns, eyes, tongue, and
tail glow in the dark. Being a demon, the Desmoni also have the ability to shape shift. Only the color of their eyes remains
the same, revealing the demon's disguise. Desmoni feed on darkness and disharmony and often eliminate other demons,
making them rather strange allies to beings of light. Their ability to devour disharmony returns those they feed off of to
return to a peaceful state, allowing them to make a being's final moments more peaceful.

Age: 25 years old

Sex: AFAB; presents female or androgynous when not shifted        

Gender: *shrugs* probably genderfluid; "Do shape shifters really have a set gender?" 

Pronouns & Sexuality: she/her | they/them; polyamorous panromantic greysexual

Echo's Likes: drawing, energy work, dubstep & heavy bass music, rice, piercings, night time, being
kind, secretly helping others, brownies, RICE, Chipotle, raves, forests, cuddles

Echo's Dislikes: bigots, cantaloupe, lying, sunlight, country music, sarcasm, bad smells, sensory 
overload, being misunderstood, being ignored, brain fog from ADHD, being scared

Personality: Shy and awkward at first, but once she gets to know you, she becomes hyper and super 
friendly. She doesn't really understand sarcasm, it just seems mean to her. She's a perfectionist who
always tries to do her best and be on everyone's good side.