Deep Emerald



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My mother's gemsona


Deep Emerald was a noble class gem in the court of Yellow Diamond.

She was sent during the Crystal Gem Rebellion to lead a platoon of strategists to help support Pink Diamond, was captured by Rose's army, tried to fight them off, but got poofed and bubbled.

 ***If unbubbled by Steven*

See steven and try to ascertain whether or not she can can get to her troops. He explains her ships are all either damaged or gone, and she forms her whip and demands to see whatever gems are still around. Steven tries to find the Crystal Gems but they appear to be away from the house with a note for Steven "On a mission, don't forget to eat" next to a plate with a sandwich.  He takes the sandwich and leads Emerald to the Barn. Lapis see the emerald and freaks out a bit bubbling her in water while Peridot is excited to see an emerald. Steven and Peridot try to calm Lapis, she lets Emerald fall free. Emerald is agitated and Peridot tries to calm Lapis while Steven tries to calm Emerald. Peridot explains a little about this world while Lapis storms off. Emerald is unimpressed and demands to meet with the "Leader of the Crystal Gems" since she's trapped here. Peridot explains cockily that shes the new leader and how she "whipped that Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet into shape".  In response "Whipped? I'll show you whipped!" and Emerald snags Peridot with her whip and pulls her tied, under her foot. Steven shout how Peridots not the leader, she's being silly and how Garnet is the one in charge. "What is this Garnet" Emerald demands. Before Steven can stop her Peridot explains Garnet as a Permafusion amongst her grumbling. Emerald is mortified. "You take orders from such an obcene being?" Steven gets emotional and rants about "you don't know what you're talking about!" while Peridot explains "It took me awhile too, I know how you feel" 

Emerald demands from Steven an explanation "Why do you even care!" Glaring. 

"Because they are my friends, and I am a Crystal Gem too!" Emerald looks confused and exclaims "How even?!". Steven explains RoseQuartz and his gem. Emerald is not longer angry and is very confused. Commenting "I just want to go home."

Peridot explains that she wouldn't want to go home because they would question her about her absence and think her a criminal. "But I am an Emerald! They would take my word as true!"  Peridot explains the state of suspicion of any new homeworld gems, Lapis returns to explain that Emerald is stuck here just like they are, as though rubbing it in her face." I bet Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl would believe me..." 



~Has a whip. the colors fade from green to yellow at the handle, and then green to yellow from the base to tip as well
Also, She is wearing "leggings' over her shorts