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H U S H 

"S H H you H E A R that?"

Female. | Canine. | Unknown Species. | 8 feet @ top of head. | Depressed. | Immortal. | Xperation's Mate. 

Cursed from birth, to walk alone for all time. She is eons old and keeps to herself; unable to truly feel wanted or loved. She has no real emotions; and all happy ones are imprinted upon her as she feeds off of positive emotions to feel anything at all. Others fear her and see her as a bad omen of sadness and loneliness

Important Traits: her ears are flexible and can be seen in many positions; talk and slightly pointed. The eye marks around her eyes are mirrored the same on both sides. All four kegs fade, the spot on her back fades. Inside of mouth is black and very dark (almost black) grey and her teeth are crimson red. She can ooze black liquids from her eyes, nose and mouth. Half of her tail is missing; use to be very long and fluffy. The red thread must be present on her body somewhere at all times; doesn't always have to be on her tail. Very fluffy neck and mane; never to be drawn with hair unless asked. She also has long legs and large paws. Can be drawn with scars, blood soaked muzzle, eyes leaking black fluid, scrapes and cuts.

Additional Artist's Info: when drawing Hush please remember that she is my Vent Sona and must be drawn in a specific way. Not to be drawn happy unless asked, she is always sad and tired. Hate runs deeply within her so she can also be drawn snarling/growling a lot. 

Original Designer: Day--Dreamer (me) | Original Owner: Day--Dreamer (me) | Current Worth: Priceless $$$ | HUSH IS NEVER FOR SALE OR TRADE