Name/Pronunciation: ?̵̨̩̻̲̻̩̜̄̍̔̇̑̔̋͗͝?̵̪̤̺̦͙͉͈̠̇͛̓̇̐̀̿̆̓͌͠?̵̛̪̱̿͐͘ (Read as literal static)

Age: Unknown

Species: Demon Candy Dog/Rabbit

Height: 6'2

Gender: Genderless

Orientation: Questioning

Occupation: Demon.

Abilities: Float, Teleportation, Telepathy, Candy Manifestation at will

Favorite Food: Candy

Hobbies: Collecting Candy, People Watching

Likes: Candy, Mortals, Chocolate Milk, Wolves

Dislikes: The Darkness

Strengths: Quick, Sly, Agile

Weaknesses: Not Smart, Weak 

Personality: ?̵̨̩̻̲̻̩̜̄̍̔̇̑̔̋͗͝?̵̪̤̺̦͙͉͈̠̇͛̓̇̐̀̿̆̓͌͠?̵̛̪̱̿͐͘ is a fairly cheery demon. They aren't your typical demon. Although they are pretty playful and loves being a little trickster sometimes. They use the small box, that they constantly carry around, to play tricks on others by hiding inside it and popping out on random like a jack-in-the-box to scare people. Although they don't have harmful intent they don't know how much is too far and sometimes scare the wrong people at the wrong time.