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General Warnings
  • Character backgrounds may contain sensitive and potentially triggering content.
  • Some characters are grossly underdeveloped ;w; I still love them-

  • Do NOT steal, reference or otherwise copy my character's designs, personalities, backgrounds and unique abilities.
  • Do not steal, reference or otherwise copy specific aspects of my universes.
  • Characters may be drawn with permission, unless you are gifting, participating in ArtFight or are a friend of mine.
  • My characters are for my use only. Do not roleplay them, kin them, steal them, and etc.
  • Unless they are in the "Unwanted" or "Adopts" folder, my characters are not available for purchase or trade. Please do not ask unless you are a friend of mine.
  • Please do not draw NSFW or extremelly gory art with my characters unless I request so specifically.

  • My characters are fictional and most, if not all, do not represent me as a person.

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