[ $2 ] lil tabs's Comments

hello. I'm new to coding and I was wondering how I would go about modifying this code? I kind of want a mix of the p2u and the f2u code.. but i also like your profile laid out code.

the thing is I like to make moodboards for my oc's but the moodboard format doesn't fit within the size of the image boxes on these codes. visit here to see what I mean https://toyhou.se/6102873.orbit I don't know how to code so I don't know how to change it. you can also see on the link the type of thing I look for in a code and the way I structure my characters profiles so any advice you have would be much apppreciated :)

i'm having a lot of difficulty with the playlist function. i tried using embed youtube links but i guess im doing it wrong because it still takes you to the youtube site/app.

he l p


I'm only copying this much of the link, is that correct?

i updated the code to use direct youtube links instead, i hope that helps!

I'm sorry. Is this free or p2u? I got confused. ^^'

It has 2$ in title but its tagged freebie. I just want to be sure. 

oh sorry it shouldnt be tagged as freebie thanks for letting me know!!

I love this code so much.
I combined it with Howdy and now it's my user profile code c:<

Gosh i like tabs, moodboards, stats, and playlist. Thank you for making this!!

this code is gorgeous!!! im using it on my fave oc :0