[F2U] TLDR Warning's Comments

Used v2! Worked beautifully~✨

Using version 2, works amazingly! Thank you! <3

No worries! Glad my code can be of use ^^)/

Using V2 (CC)! Thank you so so much for your wonderful code! 💖

You're welcome! Thanks for using c:

Using version 1!

Using version 1 :3

using v2 ! tysm !

im gonna use version 2!

Thanks for using! ^^

I'm using this! I've been looking for a while and a forum (I believe) directed me here! Thank you! <3

no worries! Thanks for using c:

Used!! Thank you so much ^^

No problem! thanks for using c:

used this!! its so cute ^^

Thanks for using! Glad you like it <3

Thank you! I've made use of your "Original" code on my own profile. It's very easy to work with, thank you for providing!

You're very welcome! Thanks for using ^^ <3

If you don't mind me asking, is this code universal? I was planning on using it, but I've used a few codes that some of my subscribers (we.. use that term here right?) notified me and found out it only appeared on my profile page. Tysm, though!

It can be applied to profiles and characters ^^

If you want it to appear on character pages too, you need to go to that character's page > Warnings > turn on Content Warning > Paste the code

I don't think Toyhouse has an option to have it apply to all characters yet unfortunately ;v;

Thank you! ^^ I will use "Original"

No problem! Thanks for using c:

tysm! Helped me out a lot :D finally found a good one

No problem! I'm glad my code was useful to you. Thanks for using c: <3

thaaankk youuu this helped me so much oh my goshh

No problem! I'm glad it could be of use ^^)/

Using version 2- it looks great! Ah I don't know how to change it to not be orange though oop

Thanks for using! You can change the colours by replacing the top line with:

<div class="mx-auto py-md-3" style="max-width: 1000px; font-size: 13px; letter-spacing: .4px; color: #9477f2;">

and the header with

<!-- HEADER -->
<div class="card-header border-0 text-uppercase text-center text-white display-4 p-2" style="font-size: 1.4rem; letter-spacing: 4px; background: #9477f2;">

#9477f2 is just a purple placeholder so feel free to replace that with something else. Use this to find a colour you like! https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp

ah tysm!


used the version 2  code! I love your codes so much

aww thank you so much! ^^ <3

using the 2° version, this code are very useful (ihatemyinglish.png)

Thanks for using! Glad it could be of use to you :D

No problem! I'm really glad you found it easy to use ^^ <3

Using the second version. Fantastic code! ♥

Thank you! and thanks for using ^^

Thank you for using and for the compliments. I appreciate it!

Hope my code was easy to edit ^^ <3 

Using original code!! c:

Thank you for using! ^^ <3

Using version 2! I love it! <3

Thanks for using! Glad you like it ^^

Using, thanks for making this code, it's amazing!!

Thanks for using and for the compliment ^^ <3

using !! <33 thanks for this !!

Thanks for using! ^^

Used! thank you so much for making this!

No problem! Thank you for using! <3

Using ! Thanks for making this, I really love it ! uwu

No problem! Thanks for using ♡

I can't read anything with the pink theme-

All fixed. Should be readable with the pink theme now!


Thanks for using!

using ver. 2!!

Thanks for using! Hope it's easy to use ^-^

lol yeah! 

Used the 2.0 version - thank you so much! Hehe it looks so polished and slick!

No problem! Thank you for using c:

Using! I adore it plus I need some new updated stuff. ❤

aww I'm glad you like it. Thank you for using! ^-^

I used this code, thank you so very much! x

You're very welcome! Thanks for using ^^