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Brash ¦ Cocky ¦ Egotistical

"Hail to the King, baby!"

Sometimes in life, you get those people who think the world of themselves. Egotists and showmen, they walk into rooms expecting everyone to know their names - and for those that do not, they'll declare it loudly and proudly. They have visions of grandeur, suspecting themselves sons of Gods and Kings, feeling that if only people knew, they'd worship at their feet! And sometimes, just sometimes... these people are unfortunately right. Zeke is one of those people.

A once-distant relation of the great Sunsky royal family, the young film director has recently found himself declared King of a nation he previously didn't even know existed. Whilst the pomp and cirumstance of the whole matter suits him well, allowing him throw around his weight and authority without fear of reprimand from any superiors. Since, after all, who can be superior to the King? Still, he does realise that he's perhaps not the most conventional of lords - after all, many would prefer... probably a more traditional sense of dress. And attitude. And everything.

Still, his ancestors were all traditionalists, and where are they now? DEAD! And y'know who's not dead? Zekey baby! So bow your ass down, and hail to the King! After all... the kingdom's looking for an expansion!

[Full Name] King Ezekiel Sunsky [Age] 27
[Nickname(s)] King Zeke, Zekey Baby [Gender] Male
[Species] Saber-Toothed Cat [Sexuality] Bi-Curious
[Occupation] Film Director, Occasional Actor, King of the Sun Sea Isles, Career Villain [Theme] Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
[Height] 5'11" [Build] A thickly athletic build, not enormously muscular, but with enough to stop him being actively lithe.
[Colour Scheme]
  • A mix of blues & turquoise fur
  • Oranges pads & highlights
  • Extraneous patches of white
  • Yellow & orange eyes
  • Wild tussles of fur
  • Striped patternings
  • Large saber teeth
  • Rings piercing ear
  • In casual circumstances, Zeke prefers to wear bright colorful clothing - in particular Hawaiian shirts, usually paired up with a pair of jean shorts. He also has a tendency towards wearing sunglasses. Not over his eyes of course, but more on his forehead. Y'know, as a fashion thing.
  • Zeke is also in position of a number of overblown royal garments. Most commonly he's seen to wear a royal cloak over the top of his casual gear, providing a significant level of contrast.
Zeke Sunsky is a particularly annoying individual. A loud-mouthed braggart, the big cat has an enormous ego. This, combined with a level of ambition far above many of his peers, serves to provide Zeke with a drive to do things many others would consider otherwise impossible. Whilst this has served to benefit him in the past, oftentimes it simply leads him into making brash, foolish mistakes - not that he'd ever admit to being at fault himself.
The King's biggest drawback is his smugness. It's never enough to be simply be on top of things, or be successful - he needs to let people know about it. Bragging is a thing that comes naturally to him, and showing off is something he strives to do - oftentimes to his own detriment. These traits surface most often as an extreme cockiness - forced out through energetic and loud declarations of his presence and intent. This cockiness can often further result in perhaps not taking situations quite seriously enough, being rather laid-back in the face of adversity.
Above all, Zeke is someone who values power. He has something of a complex about seeming lesser than others, and therefore strives for things to further push himself higher up the social spectrum. Any medium of control he can have over others he will seize - and anything that disrupts that balance of power is cause enough to GREATLY upset the tiger.
  • Above all else, Zeke loves having power over people. Whether it be as a Director, ordering around his cast, or it be as King, residing over his servants, the big cat is at his happiest when he's in charge.
  • As much as he thrives off of power, the King thrives off of praise. Compliments to his appearance, his abilities, his films - all of them further feed into his sense of entitlement.
  • The big guy is a rather large film buff, being in possession of an enormous selection of different movies. Every Wednesday is movie night on the Sun Sea Isles.
  • Despite being obsessed with having as many people serve him as possible, the King hates being crowded. He wants to be worshipped by people below him, not beside him!
  • Whilst Zeke wants to be acknowledged as King, he hates the idea of tradition and formality. He wants to rule, not like... attend meetings and stuff!
  • Ezekiel cannot take criticism. Like, at all. His movies are the best and you won't tell him otherwise!
Personal History
Ezekiel Sunsky has always been someone at the centre of public attention. Whilst he was born into a family of relative wealth, his parents - Elpis rest their souls - were reasonably humble, and quiet in their existence. This is not a trait that passed on to dear Zekey.
Whilst his parents had been relatively careful with their wealth, seeking to live quiet lives - an attitude somewhat shared with their young daughter - their son had different ideas of the right way to live life. Partying hard and seeking comfort in the praise of others, it wasn't long before the big cat was attracted to the art of entertainment to really put himself out there. He had an all-encompassing charisma of sorts, which put him in prime place to stand up before others and draw them in. Still... despite the love of the spotlight, he found that life as a performer was perhaps not for him. His ego was too large to be contained when stood against other actors - plus, he really didn't like being ordered around by whoever was in charge.
As such, Zeke fell more naturally into the role of Director. It gave him the opportunity to be in charge, take credit, and also to occasionally take a step into scenes himself when he really wanted to. And it worked well! The big cat met with a degree of moderate success, making a name for himself and building up a small backlog of work. In particular, his special effects gained him a decent level of renown - helped sufficiently by his own powers, able to do 'slow mo' without the extra costs.

Aaand then things got a little weird. Whilst on the set of one of his productions, he came to be contacted by a small group of islanders. To his surprise, they rather abruptly declared him King of their people. It was explained that in recent times, a great civil war had swept on through their nation, with royals killing royals and essentially wiping themselves out. Having traced the bloodline down, they had managed to track the family tree all the way back to Ezekiel Sunsky I - who by all rights was now officially King of their land!
Not even hesitating to check if they'd got the right 'Ezekiel', the big cat jumped on the opportunity, demanding to be sailed to his new land, so that he may look over it and reign as King! Delighted by their new lord's enthusiasm, the islanders sailed him back to their land. Aaand boy was he disappointed.
Whilst the Sun Sea Isles themselves were beautiful, the kingdom itself was in a shambles, collapsed and destroyed buildings littering the area, with a population closer to being in the tens than in the thousands - this despite the land and resources to support many more. When questioned on the matter, the islanders had a pretty simply response - it had been a preeetty bad war. As it turned out, many of the royal bloodline were outrageously powerful, and the war between them had wrecked the civilisation - and the civilians - bringing it down to this point. Whilst Zeke felt rather let down by his supposed glorious kingdom being a wreck with a relatively small population, he was intrigued by this idea of power. And thusly, soon enough he began to take up his role of King, relaxing in the luxuries provided to him, whilst also training in the traditions of the land - or at least, the traditions he actually CARED for.

Still, he couldn't help but feel a deep sense of disatisfaction. Whilst it was a good life, it was meant to be... y'know, better? He was a King! He wanted a kingdom! So more people would know how great he was and worship at his feet!
As such he decided that there was only one solution... the kingdom would have to expand! All would be invited to join with the Sun Sea Isles! And those who didn't want to join the kingdom, well...
They'd have to be convinced.
Conflict Traits
[Motion Hesitance] King Ezekiel has a rather unusual power involving the manipulation of time and kinetic energy around him. In particular, by holding his breath, Zeke can slow time around him, allowing himself greater control of his movement, as well as allowing him opportunity to respond and react to things he would otherwise be unable to. When he releases his breath, the same area rapidly accelerates through time, rapidly increasing his movement and ability to take action. Once the previously lagged time has caught up to itself, time around Ezerkiel returns to normal.
>[ Kinetic Burst ] Zeke is capable of 'charging' kinetic energy during slowed time to then release it at a higher impact during the ensuing rapid motion. This would allow him, for instance, to draw back a fist in the slowed time, to release it as a 'super punch' as time speeds up.
>[ Redirection ] In the slowed time, Zeke is capable of slightly altering the direction of objects and people moving within his influence. This essentially gives him the ability to do such things as curve bullets, force misses, or realign himself in the air for jumping attacks - all to a minimal but effective degree.
[Super Strength] Zeke, on top of his time powers, has a small degree of super strength. Whilst not so great as to, say, lift a car, he certainly has enough strength that - with a bit of a run-up - he could shove said car over onto it's side. This combine well with his kinetic bursts to allow for incredible feats of power!
[Untapped Potential] It is said that those of the Sunsky royal bloodline hold a great deal of power. Whilst Zeke certainly is decently powerful already... it's scary to think what he may potentially be capable of if there's some truth to that.
[Megaphone] The film director often carries a megaphone around with him, shouting down it - often unneccesarily - to give orders, and to get his message out in public. Also, where all else fails, he can throw it at people.
[Royal Scepter] A small staff used primarily to symbolise Zeke's royal position. Sometimes he hits people with it.
[Royal Cloak] Whilst not traditionally a part of the culture of the Sun Sea Isles, Zeke has adopted a fur-trimmed cloak to further emphasise his royal position when in the presence of others. He also occasionally makes use of it in combat, using it as both a net to snare people in, and a quick method of blinding the vision of his opponents.
[Direction] As a film director, it should be expected that Zekey has plenty of skill with directing. How to line up the perfect shot, how to get the most from your actors, how to do things in a way that'll leave the biggest impact - the sabertooth is a showman, through-and-through!
[Improved Perception]
[Heightened Reflexes]
Whilst his ability to slow and then speed up time grants Zeke a great degree of control, it's worth noting that in most circumstances, these time effects are equally as advantageous for others in the field. As such, Zeke has trained himself to better make use of his time warping, sharpening his mind to be able to physically act as much as possible in the sped-up time. His reflexes are further trained, so that anything he sees in the slowed time that requires rapid reaction, he is more than capable of responding to as time becomes sped-up again.
[Sun Sea Arts] After having relocated to the Sun Sea Isles, Zeke has begun training in the martial arts traditional to the islands. Loose and unpredictable, the style uses wild motions with big impact. At this point the King is only lightly trained in the art - but with his powers he can really put some of that knowledge to use.
[Party Tricks] Zeke is used to the high-life, hanging out with celebs and 'bunnies' at pool parties and wild social events. As such, it's always good to know a few tricks to keep the people entertained! Zeke has worked up quite a variety - you should see him with a pack of cards!
Combat Tactics
Zeke is an extremely aggressive combatant, relying very heavily on pushing directly towards his opponents with heavy strikes, he seeks to put his opponent's down in as impressive a manner as possible. Ezekiel makes heavy use of his powers to try and disorient his opponents, drawing in close to take advantage of his strength. There he simply intends to beat on whoever he's fighting until they go down.
Of course, it's not enough to just be efficient about the matter - the more incredible he looks doing it, the better! As a result, the King may often find some time to taunt and belittle those he combats, stopping his aggressive onslaughts to either mock those he has advantage over, or to try and show-off some of his more fancy moves. This, of course, often leaves him open to being attacked.
Deep down, a large part of Ezekiel is kind of a coward. If he starts having to fight on the defensive, or starts taking hits, he's more than willing to retreat and try again later. His usual approach when it comes to retreat is to swing a wild fist towards the face of whoever he fights, before running in the opposite direction. This seems to work more often than it should.
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Whilst rather rash in his decision making when in the midst of action, Zeke's directorial mind makes him rather apt at looking over situations and assessing the best the best way to approach them.
  • Zeke is very skilled at adapting to different situations. Just as he's adapted to movement in his altered time-states, so too is he used to filming and working in harsh environments.
  • An extremely driven individual, the King is extremely motivated to achieve his goals, however outlandish they might be. Whilst this does make him quite a risk-taker, and whilst this does often fire back in his face, at other times it means he garners positive results from tasks others may otherwise not dare undertake.
  • Due to the nature of Zeke's power, a sharp-minded opponent can take as much advantage of his slowed and sped-up time as he can. In particular, the slowed time makes it very easy to read any attacks he's setting up, giving opportunity for people to react.
  • Zeke has an incredible ego, which is easy to take advantage of. Getting cocky in fights often leads to him leaving openings for himself - as well as which, anyone willing to stroke his ego for a while will find him rather gullible and easy to manipulate when it comes to such matters.
  • Some people just don't like criticism. The King in particular, does not like people criticising him, and will fly into a rage of unwise decisions.
Misc. & Trivia
  • The design for this character was originally an adopt by JEIBON, which went up around the same time as the character was being conceptualised. Despite only putting a low bid in (and thusly losing), Dregan couldn't help but keep imagining the written character appearing as the design. When the design wound up going back up for sale, it was decided this was essentially fate - and thus the design was bought.
  • Many elements of the costume were based off of one character portrayed by the lead singer of Poets of the Fall in the band's video for Locking Up the Sun.

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