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⚜️ Amalthea ⚜️

"Have no fear, your Gal Pal's here!"

 ✦ Name || Amalthea Argent

 ✦ Gender || Female

 ✦ Race || Human

 ✦ Age || 17

 ✦ Class || Paladin

 ✦ Orientation || Paladin

 ✦ Theme || 
Down in New Orleans

 ✦ Portrait Artist || Funyarinpa

⚔️ Story ⚔️

Hailing from the vibrant port city of Nowhere, Amalthea was raised with others her age to become the next generation of City Watch to protect Nowhere from crime and crocogators alike. Seeking adventure beyond the hometown she's known her whole life, she takes an opportunity to embark on the next great adventure that comes around.

⚔️ Relationships ⚔️

Ma and Pa

Amalthea's merchant parents provided everything to ensure their daughter would have the opportunity to settle with a nice gentleman and marry into a comfortable estate. She's scared off turned down potential suitors so far, and poor Ma and Pa just don't know what to do with her.
Sir "Sammy" Samson

Sir Samson is more of a housepet than a noble steed. Amalthea likes to sneak him leftovers that he really shouldn't have like chicken tenders.
City Watch
[Companions and Mentors]

Swords and shields seemed to be the only thing that made Amalthea happy, so her parents reluctantly allowed her to join City Watch provided that she also kept up her daughterly duties and studies. Perhaps she would grow out of the unbecoming scuffles. She didn't.


There was church for The Goddess of Life and Grain on Sundays. And then there was a voice, a feeling that called separately to Amalthea instead in times of solitude and strife. Through City Watch and Paladins passing through town, Amalthea discovered a connection and tapped into her powers not with resident deity Chauntea, but with Lathander the Morninglord instead.
Duke of Mathis
[Duke of Nowhere]

He only shows up for parades and big boring talks. Amalthea thinks he's kind of stuffy.

To be continued?