2 years, 4 months ago


Florauna is a very very shy fawn who enjoys singing and soaking up the sun. She is literally a mix of flora and fauna. Due to her shyness, Florauna has no friends other than the bugs that love to flutter and flap about her as they collect pollen from her flowers. Despite this fact, Florauna finds that the bugs always have very interesting stories to tell and Florauna loves listening to them talk about their day to day lives and stories of their travels.

Even though she is part fauna; Florauna does not need to consume food due to the many flora that are actual parts of her body. All the energy that she needs is easily absorbed from the sun. 

Florauna has antlers year round, and a bird's nest of an unknown species has rested between them [the antlers] for as long as Florauna can remember. Often times she wonders if anything will ever hatch out of the 3 eggs that sit upon her head.

  • The bee and butterfly that fly around her are not optional, but other bugs/insects can be added anytime.