Basic Info


Gamma Ray Burst

Biological Parents

Lavender & Strawberry


May 25


Lavender mixed with Strawberry


Strawberry Parfait with Herbs


Ribonucleic Offense Berator aka Rob

Ribonucleic - the first letter in RNA. RNA acts as a messenger. Rob is a messenger for his origin dimension.

Offense - an ill-intentioned character, uses deception with a cutesy act.

Berator - never actually did the berating part.


maine coon plantfauna


rips holes through dimensions and travels using them

A weird plant cat whose bones are coated in roots. He can contort his body in weird ways such as being able to tilt his head at a 90 degree angle.

He’s from an “alternate dimension” apparently.

Also, he smells like a mix between lavender and strawberries.

An unofficial drawception palette called “Topiary” has been made using his colors. It can be used in the Drawception sandbox.

He’s chaotic neutral af

He’s a nihilist deep down

He hacks up marimos like hairballs