10 months, 23 days ago


They/them or she/her 

Her nickname is bud! 

Obsessed with coffee, boba tea, and spicy ramen

Twitches a lot and absolutely Hates It- please I just want to sit in peace ... 

Horrible attention span

Honestly. Really awkward but they're trying they promise

Trying to learn Spanish so they can shit talk with their family and friends in front of people

Obnoxiously optimistic sometimes- they try to tone it down, but too much negativity usually ends up making them Incredibly nervous and at times nauseous

Unironically does the 👉👈 thing

kinda a kinsona! some of their outfits are based around princess peach (mario), taako (TAZ), kirishima (BNHA), present mic (BNHA), mercy (OVW)! The jumpsuit outfit is also vaguely based on karamatsu from osomatsu san but I don't kin him I just.. love him a whole lot

If you drew Bud with nods to any of those characters I'd cry!!