Commission Reference



1 year, 4 months ago


These prices do not apply to commercial work. Commercial work must be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

You can also pay through if you would rather pay that way.

NSFW pricing includes all fetish work.

Samples can be seen here and here.

Base Prices
B/W chibi - 16.00 USD (SFW) / 27.00 USD (NSFW)
B/W bust - 20.00 USD (SFW) / 30.00 USD (NSFW)
B/W fullbody - 34.00 USD (SFW) / 60.00 USD (NSFW)

Color chibi - 24.00 USD (SFW) / 35.00 USD (NSFW)
Small pixel - 24.00 USD (SFW) / 36.00 USD (NSFW)
Color bust - 32.00 USD (SFW) / 42.00 USD (NSFW)
Color fullbody - 55.00 USD (SFW) / 80.00 USD (NSFW)

B/W 30-min sketch (SFW only) - 10.00 USD

Custom Character (no shading, single fullbody+details) - 50.00 USD (back view +10, clothing +15) [40.00 for Rybbonchildren] (SFW) / 80.00 USD (back view, clothing +15) [70.00 USD for Falinkubi] (NSFW) On-base customs start at 27 USD.

Reference sheet (full turn-around, close-up of face & character details, no shading, up to 1 extra outfit free) - 390.00 USD.

Comics - 280.00 USD (SFW) / 390.00 (NSFW) per page (55.00 to 85.00/page if you want me to color a preexisting page)

Animations (SFW only) - Style base price times the number of frames. No shading.

Backgrounds and additional figures cost extra; the exact amount varies depending on what is asked. Comics will likely go further above base price than anything else.

While I will do explicit art and do not mind most fetishes, I won’t draw underage/underage-seeming characters or animals in sexual situations, nor will I draw rape. If you do not want me to post the work online, it will cost 150.00 USD extra.

I am willing to be paid in installments, but I will not start on the commission until I’ve been paid at least half, and won’t progress past the sketch phase until I’ve been paid in full.

If you want to commission me, message me on any of my social media or contact me through my All finished art will be uploaded to various galleries unless the private comm fee is paid, and I’ll send you a high-quality, unwatermarked version of the image. I will send a PayPal invoice; note that unless you specify that you will be paying in installments beforehand, I will set the invoice to be paid as a lump sum.