Paimon the Wise



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reverie's eidolon, disguised as one of the creachers native to the realm. he is the eidolon that granted reverie's wish and (tried to) guide her in her path as an astral knight. when she fell into darkness and became a nightmare he stayed in her labryinth, deeply regretting not intervening sooner and vowing to stay with her to the end, whatever that might be

paimon has a calm, composed demeanor he maintains effortlessly, but he's also a nerd of the highest order, and geeks out over any new scrap of info he comes across. he takes his duty as a protector and guide to all astral knights he contracts seriously — and that goes double for reverie, as he holds himself personally responsible for what happened to her


  • wish granting — paimon can grant any wish (as long as it doesn't involve ressurection), but in exchange the wisher must become an astral knight
  • polymorph — paimon can turn into any conceivable creature to blend into his surroundings and put his charges at ease. his true form is an amorphous mass of astral energy