Layla Firecam



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Layla Firecam

UNIVERSE Baldur's Gate(1&2)
RACE/GENDER Human female
AGE 25 (end of BG2)
MORALITY Lawful Good
CLASS Fighter/Cleric
DEITY Lathander


Compassionate · Optimistic · Shy

Layla is an altruistic busybody, and as a Dawnbringer, a cleric of Lathander, she aspires to bring hope to the Realms.

Her sculpted physique is a testament to her dedication to her vocation. She spends countless hours honing her combat skills and engaging in demanding training routines—her anxious personality often drives her to excessive exercise. She has an otherwise socially awkward, mousy demeanor and frequently battles self-doubt. However, beneath her timid exterior lies a fierce determination and a belief in doing what is right. Her selflessness consistently places the needs of others above her own.

After the tumultuous events in Athkatla(Baldur's Gate 2), her marriage to Keldorn Firecam saw her unofficially serving the Order of the Radiant Heart, as he is a paladin of Torm and senior knight of the Order. Together, they travel across the Sword Coast, serving their gods and the greater good. Layla and Keldorn Firecam are both workaholic adventurers, but they are learning to prioritize themselves and each other.


  • She loves to gossip, but would never say it aloud.
  • She's always adding to the unreasonably large collection of useless items she has picked up on her adventures.
  • Helmets necessitate her short cropped hair, but she would love to grow her hair out as it was when she was younger.


Layla spent most of her life within the library fortress of Candlekeep, under the guardianship of her foster-father Gorion. Children were an oddity at the keep, though she found a friend in Imoen, who she viewed as her adoptive sister. She marveled at the tales read to her by her father and the monks, many gathered from the various holy books on the shelves of Candlekeep. The strength and power of faith inspired her. Some of the brethren, perhaps responding to Gorion's subtle urging, graciously taught her much about the meaning and role of the priesthood. These lessons followed her into adulthood where she dedicated herself as a fighter and protector, a priest of Lathander.

Baldur's Gate 1/2

The traumatic sight of her father's death forcibly severed Layla from the security of her former existence. She was lost, compelled by a single unwavering purpose: to uncover the identity of the assailant responsible for his demise. Her anxieties only heightened when she learned she was a child of the Lord of Murder, Bhaal.


(Literally just her sailing off into the sun happily ever after, okay? Okay. Maybe not ever after. But still.)


Who are you and what do you do for a living?

“Hi, I'm Layla. I… help people? Sometimes it's mundane things like helping people by battling their laundry pile or cleaning their evil dishes." She smiles wryly. "People asking me to do their chores is more common than you'd think."

But sometimes there are more immediate threats like I'm peacefully settling down in an inn after a long day and, surprise, a giant monster army is terrorizing the town. That was just the other day, in fact." She sighs. "No rest for the wicked."

Have you ever stood up for something? If not, what would you stand up for?

“When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to be like the brave heroes I’d read books about. You know, the ones who would go on epic adventures to save the princess. Except, I'm the knight, not sure who the princess would be in this scenario..." She ponders a moment then bursts into a fit of giggles. "Maybe Keldorn. Can you imagine him in a sparkly pink dress and me sweeping him off of his feet? I don't think he'd go for the pink dress... but a blue dress...

Anyway, focus, Layla... What I mean to say is real life isn’t quite as thrilling as the adventures in those books, but it’s my duty to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.”

Are you competitive?

“In most circumstances I prefer cooperation, but… I’ll admit, I am quite the halberdier. I’m versed in combat with a variety of weapons, but the halberd is by far my favorite. I will gladly spar with anyone who is willing.” She pauses then grins. "I promise to go easy on you, but I don't call my halberd the," she bites her lip, holding back a laugh, "The PUN-isher for nothing. Enemies beware because Layla is Lay-ing' down the law!” Finally, her laughter spills out. "I give Imoen credit for cheesiest battle cry in the history of battle cries."


"I try to see the best in people, even if it is difficult at times... Lathander loves to test me, it seems. I find remembering what good I've encountered in the world helps me remain positive... most of the time."


"The smell of musty, old books! I when I was small, I would huddle into a corner in the library with my father and he would read me these ancient books that I couldn't even begin to comprehend. Still, the sound of his voice was a comfort, and I'd almost always fall asleep there in his arms... I miss him..."

Do you have a spouse or significant other? If so, describe this person in some rough strokes.

“I do," she says then crosses her fingers. "Although, I hope I won't come off as some love-stricken maiden. No promises." She clears her throat. "He is a man of great integrity and someone I respect deeply. He is quite charming... I believe his scars give him quite an, ah... ruggedly handsome appearance..." Her cheeks redden and she clears her throat again. "Anyway, I am truly blessed to have met him. And if not me, who would remind him to smile more often? Sometimes he gets stuck in Paladin Mode, face and all, and I just stare at him with my best impression of Paladin Face until he notices. It always makes him laugh!"

How would you describe your personal style?

“If it's dry and clean, I'll wear it. Style isn't something I think about, really. It's a luxury to carry more than two or three outfits in my pack. There are much more important things for me to carry around than an entire closet of clothes.

My armor is probably the fanciest thing I've ever worn. It's... a bit much, I think, but it was a gift back from Baldur's Gate after that whole," she twirls her hands in the air in explanation, "yeah. The blacksmith wouldn't take no for an answer, and I'm not one to be ungrateful. It's just, it's a bit flashier than I would have chosen. But! He said it was his finest work so, thank you Percival."

Are you spontaneous, or do you always need to have a plan?

"I always prefer to be overprepared, if possible. You never know what you'll need out on the road, and my handy dandy pack is filled with all sorts of supplies and tools for any occasion! Keldorn tells me I don't really need all of these things crowding my pack, but what if one day we're in dire need of a broken Netherese magnifying glass and I've left it behind? "

Where would you like to live? Why?

"Oh, I'd choose to stay active and travel any day. Maybe one day I'll settle down when Keldorn is ready to, but for now we have things to do and places to go."

Have you started your own family? If not, do you want to start a family? Why or why not?

"When I was younger, I imagined starting a family, but this was not Lathander's wish for me. There are too many people, even the mothers, fathers, and children, who are suffering, and my sworn purpose is to make their lives better. I've made peace with this, chosen this life, and vowed to carry out Lathander's will long ago. Besides, Keldorn and I, our lifestyle… it is not one fit for a child, and he it is a bit late in his life for another, he says. As long as I have him, I'm happy." She smiles. "Oh! And my step-daughters."



Gorion [ foster-father ]

The man who raised Layla from infancy until his untimely death in her adulthood. Gorion carefully kept her divine heritage a secret, raising her as a normal little girl. He was a good father to Layla, attentive and loving, always encouraging her dream to become a priest. Layla was devastated after his death and, still, she misses him dearly. She avenged the death of her father by killing Sarevok, but gave him a second chance at life when given the opportunity, feeling Gorion may have shown compassion if he were in her place. She takes the lessons the old sage taught her wherever she goes and they have had a significant, lasting impact on her life philosophy.


Keldorn Firecam [ husband ]

When Layla met Keldorn in those dank sewers in Athkatla, it was far from love at first sight. She recognized his name. Keldorn Firecam, the man who was mentor to Ajantis and an illustrious veteran paladin of Radiant Heart. Keldorn was a comrade. He was just though compassionate, a virtuous if flawed man who was steadfast in his duty to a fault. He loves his family and his lord, but couldn't balance two forces which were in such opposition. His daughters and wife saw little of him, and upon a visit home, his wife revealed her long-time affair. In the end, he lost his family and, with a heavy heart, carried on with his duty.

He and Layla first bonded over their shared ideals, having both dedicated themselves to serving their gods. After his divorce, Layla found a friend in him as she tried to lift his spirits. To her, it seemed many paladins she met were either disappointingly overserious, or bursting with a grating fervor, but Keldorn would jest in good humor and tell enthralling tales of his time as a young knight around the campfire. He was a different sort of man that, in time, she came to admire for more than his virtuous spirit. Soon, Layla was casting shy smiles his way, her heart fluttering in her chest whenever he was near. Keldorn, in turn, discovered an unexpected lightness seeping back into his life. Her presence kindled a warmth within him that he had thought long extinguished.

But he thought himself unworthy of her affections because of their age difference, even after the heartfelt kiss they shared. They remained on a painfully delicate precipice of friendship and something more for months until they were thrust into the depths of hell where he came to understand that the barrier of age paled in comparison to the profound, unbreakable bond they had forged. Armed with this newfound clarity, he finally opened up to her about his feelings. While challenges of their age difference persisted, they were ready to navigate them together.

After the events at the Throne of Bhaal, they went on to be wed and adventure together, going wherever help is needed or where evil lies. Occasionally, they return to Athkatla, be it for official business or to visit family.


Leona & Vesper [ step-daughters ]

The daughters of Keldorn— Leona the eldest, Vesper the younger— now step-daughters to Layla. Instead of encroaching on their mother Maria’s role, Layla acts as a friend to them. Keldorn himself isn’t in good standing with his children, having been away serving the Order for most of their lives. They view him as a near stranger, although he is trying to make up for lost time. Neither of the girls care for Layla at all, going as far as disliking her and citing her as a catalyst for their mother’s infidelity and subsequent divorce from their father. Although hurt by the accusations, Layla doesn’t fault them for their incorrect assumptions, she merely corrects them and works to aid in mending the family relationship.


Ajantis Ilvastarr [ ex-boyfriend ]

In her days on the Sword Coast, she met the sort of strapping young fellow she had imagined would come along and take her breathe away. Ajantis Ilvastarr, a squire of Radiant Heart striving to become a fully-fledged knight. He was a devoted sort, doing the work of Helm, the guardian and vigilant. Perhaps he was a bit overzealous at times, but his heart was in the right place, and she respected him for his passion. He had taken a shine to Layla's kindly demeanor and her standing as a woman of faith. They shared a kiss. Her first kiss.

Ajantis was sweet and meant well but had a way of coddling her, as if afraid she were made of glass. He would take the lead in battle, foolishly keeping an eye on her instead of his surroundings. More than once that had her patching up his wounds or healing him in the aftermath. He would jump to defend her honor against less than savory characters of which she was more than capable of handling herself. It was suffocating. More than that, she hated how he couldn't see she was capable in her own right. She was skilled on the battlefield, and she may not have been the most adept conversationalist but she knew to hold her head high and push back when it counted.

"Why must I be a damsel and not a capable warrior, fighting by my valiant knight's side as an equal?"


Imoen [ step-sister ]

Layla's childhood friend, raised with her at Candlekeep. Although they weren't aware they were related by Bhaal's blood in childhood, both still saw one another as a siblings. Imoen drew Layla out of her shell, convincing her to strive for and achieve things Layla herself lacked the confidence to do without her. Layla's sister has stayed by her side through the death of Gorion, her journey to rescue Baldur's Gate, and through her hardships in Athkatla. She is Layla's confidant and best friend, one of the few beacons of light in her life. Layla always strives to keep Imoen smiling, and if she is not, to support and comfort her.


Sarevok Anchev [ step-brother ]

He was given a second chance at life by Layla during the events in Saradush. He was very much her opposite, with a proclivity for chaos and violence. She struggled to get through to him, to convince him that, with his new life, he could reform and become a force of good in the world despite his past. At the end of it all, he chose the path of redemption, swayed by his conversations with Layla. Regardless, this change didn't stop him from being blunt and harsh in his interactions, which never fails to amuse his sister.


Jaheira [ friend ]

In Gorion's stead, Jaheira became Layla's parental figure. Jaheira is fiercely protective towards her and takes upon the role of a tough-loving mother. Like Imoen, she has traveled with Layla through her time at Baldur's Gate and Athkatla, and she remains a pillar in Layla's life. Jaheira, although defensive and callous on the topic of her late-husband, found some comfort in she and Layla's shared mourning.