Lucy Kimball



Basic Info




Genderfluid (he/him, she/her)




5'7, very strong with broad shoulders


Dilettante (perks of a rich family)



The shady twin of Thomas Kimball. Very used to playing roles for others and flying the colours of whatever will get her furthest.
Lucy Kimball spends her time travelling from town to town under different names and disguises, fighting in underground boxing rings, and signing cheques in her brother's name. 

The Kimball twins were born and raised in Massachusetts by their parents in Arkham and their uncle in Rockport. Tommy was always the golden boy to their parents, but really he got up to as much trouble as Lucy.
The family name tends to earn more respect without the 'Lucy' prefix, so most acquaintances simply know of a 'Mr. Kimball' who may or may not have come by lately depending on who's asking. 

After hearing of his uncle's mysterious disappearance back in Rockport, Kimball decided to take over housesitting for his brother and try to find some answers. After a year of false leads and dead ends, one of Tommy's friends declared that he would come over and set things straight - even toss a ball around with his old war buddy! When only the secretary showed up, it wasn't exactly good news, but was certainly a relief for Lucy. 

Since then, Kimball and his new secretary friend Mabel Laker discovered far more than either of them bargained for; after a horrible accident resulting in the death of Mabel's father, she retired from investigating and left Massachusetts altogether. In the months following, headstrong chemistry student Carmen Brunetti played a pivotal role in averting many strange and awful disasters. Brunetti's boyfriend, Anthony Flinders, slowly became a reluctant ally despite having previously stabbed Mabel. After a handful of dynamite-related incidents, countless hours spend bothering the head librarian, and more near-death experiences than bears repeating, the three delinquents managed to curtail what could very easily have been the end of everything - whatever that means. 

Having been reinstated at the university, Carmen and Flinders were able to continue their studies, and Lucy realised it was time to leave Arkham behind and go find her brother.