3 years, 9 months ago

Basic Info






Bubs as a pup was adventurous, playful and curious. These qualities would lead Bubbles to find a beach teeming with humans, he was fascinated with them and would watch the lifeguards do their jobs while the other humans would sunbathe or swim. This became almost a daily ritual for Bubbles, and once he hit his teen years he mustered up the courage to get closer to the humans unlike before. He was cautious, he swam slowly towards them but just a few feet before reaching them he changed his mind and swam back home. Getting closer to the humans took time for him, as he had no idea what they were capable of but before he entered his adult years he finally got closer, it took awhile for the humans to get used to him being around and be accepting of Bubbles. The lifeguards also were fond of him and over the months they trained him to help them watch over the swimmers, occasional rescues if someone swims too far out, as a sign that he was a lifeguard "dog" they placed a custom made buoy around his neck, which resembles a collar and is for swimmers to hold onto.

Bubbles became a small celebrity in the town for this and everyday more and more people would flood the town to see him. Most would bring food, water lettuce as treat for him and it became his favorite food. While he was skeptical about them in the past he came to actually love the humans and thought of them as family. Despite his huge size Bubs would play gently with the kids, and sometimes the adults too. Spending so much time around the humans he picked up some of their habits, such as sunbathing, kissing, and "laughing".

While he isn't on duty Bubs can be found with the buoy off, exposing a few scars, and occasionally swimming with the humans. Though his favorite past time is swimming closely to the ocean floor looking for shells to give as gifts to the lifeguards or swimmers, another would be sunbathing near the lifeguard tower for a few hours before slowly waddling to the ocean and floating on top of the water. Besides sleeping he also likes to play with kids by spitting water at them, carrying them on his back, or playing tag.