5 years, 3 months ago


bubbles / male / manatee

basic information

life guard "dog" in his home town, brings in many tourist during the summer. he really loves kids and enjoys playing with them when he isn't busy. at first he didn't like the humans and it took many years for him to work up the courage to interact with them. his duty mainly includes patrolling the waters for anything that could harm the swimmers and bringing people back who go to far into the ocean. when he isnt on duty he can be found sunbathing on the beach, swimming around collecting seashells and looking for water letteuce to eat. generally has his buoy on at all times in case of an emergency, speically made for him so it can go underwater with him as well. enjoys slow swimming or sleeping in the water hence the algae, under the algae there are scars but he tends to not let the other life guards clean the algae off. his tail is ripped down in the middle from a shark attack when he first started as a life guard.

basic personality

gentle, friendly, alert, super sweet, playful, can be lazy at times but only when off duty. enjoys sleeping, sometimes has a snot bubble when sleeping on land. thoughtful of others, and loves to give nose kisses.