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Name Sle'Paryl
Nickname Selene
Build Standard
Species Felsylian
Gender Female
Oreint. Pansexual
Homeworld Sypth
Occupation Unknown
O.C.D. 8/9/2020
In Use? Yes
Design Notes

  • Her medallion is made up of three broken medallions from her family.
  • Her robe is dark grey and has a somewhat unnatural feel to it compared to other Felsylian robes, not feeling like fabric at all.
  • The only known Felsylian with all three features.

A very social Felsylian, excitable, adventurous, and also avoided by everyone around her. She always wants to be with someone, but nobody ever sticks around due to her not being "normal" for their culture. She never understands, so she just keeps trying, always persistent. She's gotten in trouble a few times because of it, but she doesn't care, it's worth it to have a chance of making a friend. Unfortunately for her, her mannerisms make it even harder, due to her being incredibly unsettling even if she did only have one feature like other Felsylians.


  • Almost nobody refers to her as anything but "it".
  • She's almost never seen during the day.
  • Her family had been shunned quite a lot, especially once she was born.
  • She commonly has her tentacles tied up in a bipedal form.
  • Her ears look much more like a rabbit's than a cat or bat like other Ears.

It's unknown where exactly she was born, but she was from a family already known and shunned for having been different types marrying. Her father was the one that had eyes and ears, her mother had a mouth. She and her family didn't live close to any populated places, and if they ever needed to purchase something, her mother would be the only one to go out. Because of this, Sle'Paryl has been lonely for quite a long time, having no friends but being so social was tough growing up.

Once she had grown old enough, her parents allowed her to leave home and go on her own, as long as she promised to be careful and not draw attention to herself. She did, but it's questionable whether she kept that promise or not. She's been exploring on her own for about two years now, and has yet to make any real friends, despite her efforts. She's a persistent one, though, so she just keeps trying her luck and meeting new people.


  • Socialization
  • Hiding
  • Exploration

  • Rudeness
  • Being Ignored
  • Being Alone

Lar'Vispe | Friends

During her travels, Selene had met another Felsylian that wasn't a part of their usual civilizations. They soon became friends with each other, since Lavie didn't care how she looked at all. They commonly visit each other, hanging out and talking with each other.