Sylvester 'Sylver' Marion



3 years, 9 months ago


  • Sylvester Marion

  • age 24
  • gender genderqueer
  • race centaur
  • class librarian
  • playlist
Sylver is a wild west traveling centaur librarian. He goes from town to town with a cart full of books, spreading knowlege and the joy of reading wherever he goes. These books are swapped with whatever books were left on the last trip and thus are rotated throughout the communities on the fronteir.

Sylver's parents manage a printing press and print a newspaper called the Bravetrails Bulletin, which Sylver also helps distribute.

Sylver is incredibly sweet and friendly, (though xyr disposition has been somewhat nervous as of late) and isn't quite sure how xe got pulled into the current accidental murder fiasco xe's currently involved in.

Sylver has a vulture familiar called The Book Buzzard.

Art Notes:
-Very round features, not skinny
-Horse half is a sturdy draft-type horse
-Mobile, expressive ears
-Rarely not holding a book or two
-Ref is nude, but I'd prefer clothed art!

"Let's find you a book about that!"

height 6'4"

level 2

pronouns he/they/xe

sexuality pansexual

origin Bravetrails

allignment chaotic good

subclass pagemaster

background adventuring scholar


  • books
  • Jane the librarian
  • hunting for food
  • watching wildlife
  • fresh bread/pastries


  • losing all their stuff
  • capitalism
  • willful ignorance
  • having to explain 'the birds and the bees'