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Basic Info

comfort OC



Strong Soul - Dragon God - Singer - 23 [Comfort]

Becky is a creative individual who was born into a popular and rich family. She is part of the castle which is flying high over their village. It´s named after her family´s name.

She has the ability to transform into a dragon. Not since birth, she later in her life obtained dragon chi from finding love. And then envolved into a inferno, which makes her a god! She has a pretty exciting life now, together with her partner Lui, lots of friends and her son, Feli!

Son: Feli Tosdohl
Husband: Lui Tosdohl
Partner: Lucius Koocotzcy
Sister: Annicka Tosdohl

Art Notes

  • My character is spilt into sections, if direct uploading, submit to her "by others" subgallery, NOT the main character please. -> ID: 25437305
  • she has long hair, volume and light waves, please do not draw her hair short and flat [altough some older images show it different, it's inaccurate]
  • her eyebrows are BROWN, even though she is blonde. Please don't give her blonde eyebrows
  • You can mix her with her other forms (tabs). Give her wings, horns, tail.. Green inferno transformation excluded
  • suggestive art, nudity welcome

Existing since: 2009 // Visual to the eye since: 2020

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