Art Notes


  • You may NOT draw my characters, unless I commission you, ask you or otherwise offer them to you!
  • I decide what I upload. Don't submit images directly to my character profiles, this feels forceful. (and highly annoying, since nobody cares about submiting to sub galleries either). Send me a link to the image please. This is the only way of submiting I want. I will DENY image requests!
  • They canĀ“t be drawn with other peoples characters and exist in their universe only. I dont want to see any art like that.
  • Use their refsheet to draw them please! That, or first 1-2 images if none. Unless stated otherwise.
  • Colorpick my Ocs. You can alter it to fit your saturation or theme.
    • Gore/Blood
    • Couples, romance
    • all art mediums, except for writing
    • action, dark, edgy art
    • unique stylized approaches
    • Out of character artwork
    • White background (MY EYES)
    • cutsie art (fine for some, ask)

I sort my character galleries in specific ways. If you draw for me and see your drawing at or near the end, this has nothing to do with how much I like it.