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Designs may be subject to updates and changes as time goes on!

My Fakeeveelutions are OPEN SPECIES and anyone can make them!! Just be sure to link back Here and credit me for the design and species!

Pokemon: Obliveon
Species: Undead
Type: Ghost
Abilities: Cursed Body / Mummy (Hidden)
Gender Ratio:  87.5% male, 12.5% female
Catch Rate: 45 (5.9%)
Egg Group: Field
Hatch Time:  9180 - 9434 steps
Height: 2′07″ - .8m
Weight: 58.4 lb - 26.5kg
Base Experience Yield: 184
Leveling Rate: Medium Fast
EV Yield: 2 Defense
Body Type: Quadruped
Pokedex Color: Black
Base Friendship: 35
Pokedex Entry: Obliveon is quiet by nature and typically keep to itself. It can produce a foul smelling smog when threatened. An abandoned Obliveon will seek out the person who disowned it and haunt them for revenge.
Location: Evolve from Eevee - Level up before fainting with a ghost type move
Origin: Obliveon is based on deceased pets and zombies, its markings resembling an exposed skeletal structure.
Name Origin: Obliveon is a combination of Oblivion, the state of being completely forgotten or unknown, and eon, the suffix all Eevee Evolutions share.

HP - 65
Attack - 95
Defense - 130
SpAtk - 110
SpDef - 65
Speed - 60
Total - 525

Type Effectiveness:
Damaged Normally By - Flying, Rock, Steel, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Weak To - Ghost, Dark
Immune To - Normal, Fighting, Ground
Resistant To - Poison, Bug

Learnset by leveling:
1 - Helping Hand
Tail Whip
5 - Sand Attack
9 - Astonish
13 - Quick Attack
17 - Disable
20 - Shadow Sneak
25 - Hex
29 - Curse
33 - Smog
37 - Grudge
41 - Last Resort
45 - Phantom Force

Learnset by TM/HM: