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4vv5ssY.gif AAAH!! PUPPIES EVERYWHERE!!!!! 4vv5ssY.gif

hello and welcome to my little world!! this is where i store all my silly little characters ^__^
my profile is best viewed on a 1920x1080 screen (and with custom css on). if anything looks funky, please zoom out!! >__<

please give this a read before you follow me!! and if you want, check out my neocities 4 more info about me >:]


a72nqEx.gif CONTENT WARNINGS a72nqEx.gif

gore/violence/blood/self-harm - especially on my past sonas (kitso, jacob, haru, etc.)
🌈 these should be tagged accordingly - please let me know if ive missed any!! 🌈

bright colours/eyestrain - i love to make bright things LOL

 flashing imagery - these are obviously tagged as well (well, should me - let me know if i miss any)

trauma/mental illness - i use some of my characters to help cope with my own traumas, especially those in my vent/comfort folder!!


⭐ thanks 4 reading!!! HAVE A NICE DAY!!! ^__^ ⭐
🌈 last updated: june 13th 2023 🌈


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tw: blood / gore (backstory + design) & violence

this applies to comet too

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