Name Rieffe

Element Darkness / Fire

Age / Birthday 21 / Feb 15

Home World February

Gender Male

Role In-Game Romance Route

Species Magician Familiar / Pseudo-Magician

Otome Game Site Magical Otoge Iris







Release Status Released: MO Iris

Theme Credits Eggy


  • reading encyclopedias
  • reminiscing
  • purehearted people


  • introspection
  • time alone
  • Reqieu


Iris' childhood and first friend, Rieffe would do anything to keep her safe. Although he usually thinks and acts logically, he's still very kind and considerate.

His true identity is the human side of Magician Februum's soul that he cast away after being constantly tortured by humans. Wynrou then picked up this shard of Februum's soul and materialized it into Rieffe, who he planned on using as a tool to either capture or destroy Februum.

Through a certain incident, Rieffe ends up sharing a body with Vendetta, who saved him from assailants. However, harboring both Vendetta and Februum in the same body has had a toll on Rieffe and his mental state...

Tactics and Abilities

Works well in teams, but allies must stay alert of the dark energy attacks that can easily lead to friendly fire. Keep as a mid-long range heavy-hitter. His ether capacity is extremely high, but be careful as he has no other offensive capabilites.

  • Bloodstone Possession: ???
  • Dark Energy Manipulation: Utilize dark energy in a variety of ways, including for offense and defense. This energy is especially controlled by the mind/willpower, making homing attacks easier.
  • Memory Seal (weak): The ability to seal or erase someone's memory. A last resort for when a purification isn't going as planned. The seal can be undone if the target is exposed to subject matter relating to their memory.




Childhood Friend

Feeling drawn to Iris since they were children, Rieffe supported her and encouraged her to become more confident. He's glad to see her surrounded by friends now, but he feels a bit lonely.




Although Wynrou raised Rieffe to be used in a plot, Rieffe was still raised with care and as much freedom as a normal child. Holding no resentment towards Wynrou, Rieffe is thankful despite the burdens his role has given him.



Soul Sharing a Body

Constantly dealing with Vendetta's intrusive comments, Rieffe is tired of dealing with him. Rieffe endures sharing a body with Vendetta, believing that he would be dangerous to humans and Iris.