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Age24 (Born January '96)
Genderqrx7Elo.png (trans) [she/her]
SexualityLesbian (dating Yorkie)
Height5'8" (172cm)

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Bolton grows up in a small apartment that smells like wood, but then during high school, moves into a one story house in a crowded neighborhood near the small local "downtown" area.  She has a mom and a dad, whom she has a close and positive relationship with. She's an only child but is very close with her aunts/uncles/cousins, so it rarely feels like she is.

In middle school she meets Yorkie, who she gets along with extremely well off the bat. They initially bond over shared interest in things like Vocaloid, and go through that whole phase together. The summer they're 14 they start dating, and they've been together ever since.

Bolton's main interest is playing electric bass, which she picks up around the same time she and Yorkie start dating. Later in high school she gets a job at a local music venue, and through said job befriends Monster, a fellow musician who is a few years older than Bolton. After Monster's band breaks up due to interpersonal problems, Monster and Bolton form their own band Titty Pimple. They release their first album during Bolton's senior year, and when she graduates they go on a small tour. Since then, the band has gained a bigger following than they anticipated.

Around her friends, Bolton is very rambunctious and peppy. She's also very emotional (think crying watching Miffy), and is constantly cracking jokes. When she was younger she was much more shy and reserved, so for Yorkie and others around her — it's been a joy to see her come more into her own.

With the band reaching the unexpected level of success it has, it means Bolton spends most of the year living on a tour bus with Yorkie and Monster. When they're not touring, she and Yorkie live at Bolton's parents house, or at one of Yorkie's brother's houses. They used to have an apartment, but instead invested the rent money in buying the cheapest tour bus they could find once touring became more of a priority.

Behind the Scenes:

I made Yorkie and Bolton when I was eleven years old, back in 2010. Yorkie was sort of my "sona" at the time, though she was never meant to be me. She was more so everything I liked at the time, everything I liked and thought was cool. I think a more accurate description of her was that she was my "mascot" at the time. I wanted to give Yorkie a significant other for various reasons, so created Bolton.
I kept drawing Yorkie and Bolton until the end of 2011, when I moved onto other things..  and that doesn't sound long! But she meant a lot to me, and I drew her all the time [in that time]. If I had to guess, I'd say the fact I had just started taking drawing more seriously and I drew her so often in that important time frame was what solidified her importance to me internally. 
Anyways, after 2011 I would think about them, but nothing meaningful. Fall of 2019 though I got inspired to revisit them, and specifically as if they had been aging and growing up linearly alongside me. Bolton was 14 in 2010, so she's 24 now in 2020. For Yorkie this "growing up" just meant some tattoos, a more in-depth hobby, and a sick leather jacket. Pretty basic "updating an old character" things. For Bolton though I liked the idea of her departing from her initial concept -- in that I didn't draw her as a girl before. In deciding that she is trans, her whole character (whom I had always had trouble with) sorta clicked in my brain... like all at once she as a person downloaded into my brain.
Since she was so heavily inspired by the stuff I liked at that time (Hatsune Miku, or Panty and Stocking or whatever) I've had fun making their story mirror stuff I've experienced in my own growing up experience, as well as stuff I wish happened in my own past, or wish would happen in my current present. 


  • Monster plays guitar and sings, Bolton plays bass and occasionally sings as well. Yet Titty Pimple hasn't been able to hold down a consistent drummer, having 3 different ones since their formation.
  • One of the things that lead her to realizing she's trans was cosplaying as Hatsune Miku, so she loves to joke about how Hatsune Miku made her trans.
    • She still to this day dresses as Miku every Halloween, & in general her love for Miku is unwavering & unchanging.
  • Has a lot of followers on social media due to Titty Pimple's popularity. Though most followers expect music content, but recieve something more akin to this.
  • She's bilingual (Hindi and English). Though she's better at speaking Hindi than she is reading or writing. 
  • She knows how to rollerblade so she and Yorkie can go on dates where they   romantically skate through the park at sunset.  

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