Miracle Ethereal



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Miracle Ethereal
Genderqrx7Elo.png (trans) [she/her]
SexualityPansexual (eventually dates Sharla)
HeightLike.... 7 feet tall.

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(Transcript of comic below) "When a human dies, they arrive in heaven! Well... sometimes the human arrives somewhere else [...] They are angels once in heaven, but they were originally born on earth -- and previously human. They are "earth-born" angels! All angels can procreate! The progeny grow up in heaven and have never been human -- they are "heaven born" angels! I was heaven born! So were my dads. This is unusual to have few ties to earth! [...] Regardless of where they were born, angels can choose to live domestically on heaven, be a guardian angel for a human, be reborn as a new human, or go goodbye if they're ready."

Miracle is a heaven born angel who has always had an interest in humans/earth culture. Her dads are both heaven born, and so is everyone else in her family. 

At 31 she decides to go live on earth among humans despite it being taboo and uncommon. 

After speaking to the guardian angel of a girl named Sharla (who tells Miracle that Sharla could use some company) Miracle shows up in the middle of Sharla's apartment. Though initially shocking, Sharla and Miracle become roommates and lead a domestic life. 

From there the "story" is Sharla and Miracle living domestically and both falling in love with each other — but not knowing the other feels the same way. Along with other misadventures you can imagine from other similar premises.

Behind the Scenes:

I always have liked the ~~angel aesthetic~~ and wanted to turn that into a character for awhile. I wanted to make Miracle for a DND campaign, but none of my friends (or myself) would follow through with plans at the time so I just made her an OC instead during the summer of 2019. I was getting my driver's license at the time, and it was fun and nice to come home from all that stuff [that was stressful to me] and think/write/draw about Miracle and Sharla. 

The intention of her design is to look racially ambiguous [with the idea being since she's from a long line of being heaven born she's like super mixed], but I don't think I was very successful, so her design may change in time (and I'd love input honestly). I don't know how I feel about her hair these days.

I have no intentions in making anything big with Sharla and Miracle. 


❤ Her ideal future is getting married to Sharla and running a farm sanctuary. 
  • ❤ Miracle gets a job to help pay for rent at a local sports bar (think hooters but with rollerskates). 
  • She's a big fan of the muppets and has a very beloved Kermit the Frog plushie whom she dresses in baby clothes. 
  • ❤ In preparation for living on earth she learned most currently spoken languages. She's disappointed she's only been able to meaningfully use English so far.
  • ❤ Another note on how angels work in this story: angels can control their bodies more than humans can and this is why they can live for [essentially] ever. Think being able to control [in a literal sense] their blood flow or metabolism.
  • ❤ She's still getting used to the concept of headphones -- so she'll often start singing while wearing them -- not realizing no one else can hear the actual music.

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