Prescill Marilayra



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Basic Info


Prescill Marilayra


Minerva the Silent




May 4th, 1993


Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel






Assassin, Pickpocket

Current residence

An apartment in Station Square

Marital Status


Theme Song

Touhou - Bad Apple [English Vocal] ~


Personality traits:



-Easy targets


-Cute guys




-Loud noises

-Seeing happy families

-Sudden realisations that she’s alone

-Nothing on tv

-Craid the thief



Prescill has had a rough time. A very rough time. And that time still isn’t over yet. Prescill is cynical, sadistic and straight up evil. She has some anger issues and won’t shut her trap if people keep giving her reasons to talk. Eventhough looking impulsive, Prescill has a very sharp tongue and knows how to stay in the safe zone, destroy people’s arguments and straight up manipulate people. Prescill is a pessimist, and she certainly has reasons as to why she is like that. Enough bad things about Prescill have been said. She also has some good personality traits. The only problem is is that she hasn’t had many opportunities to really develop those. Prescill may be sinister, but she still has a heart. Even though her work is assassinating people, she refuses to kill them if she had bonded with the person before, afraid of her sympathy taking over. She also seems very loving towards cats and other non-anthro animals. Prescill could definitely become a good person, but she’ll need a lot of pushes for it. Prescill accepts the fact that she has gone this path, knowing she had all done this herself.


Combat traits:



Prescill doesn’t have any powers given to her by birth. That doesn’t mean she’s defenceless. From the age of 15, she has been trained to become an assassin. She immediately showed potential. Prescill can sneak through areas almost soundless, she’s very flexible and fits in very small hiding spots. She’s quick and has quite a few weapons with her. Like hidden daggers and a revolver with sleep darts. She knows many of the human pressure points to stun enemies. Her hidden daggers are blades that are hidden under Prescill's sleeves. They can be retracted and extended at will by a simple flick of the wrist. A silent, but deadly killer. Definitely someone you don’t want to have after you.



-Soundless, quick and nimble.

-Big assortment of weapons and proficiency with them.

-Great reflexes. Great at dodging.



-Can be impulsive

-Nobody to rely on for help

-Lack of great strength, not a great close combat fighter


Physical Stats:

Speed: ­– While running she’s pretty fast, while parkouring she’s even faster

Stamina: 8,5 – The art of assassination calls for patience. This also calls for being actively moving for hours

Strength: ­– Kind of strong…for a woman. Her way of fighting isn’t focused on strength, so she doesn’t really train it.

Intelligence: 6,5 – Smart when manipulating, or being sneaky. Any other way of intelligence can be seen below average.

Agility: 8,5 – Being an assassin like her, relying on agility and speed, she’s trained for this ability.

Social information:


Negative relations:

Alina Marilayra: Prescill’s younger sister. They didn’t share a lot of nice memories in the past. They lived on the dark and cold alleyways, living the street life. Alina eventually left her when Prescill was 14. Even though the two had a bad past with each other, having fights a lot of the time, Prescill still loves Alina and not a night passes without her thinking how she could’ve been better in the past.

More info about this character?:


Craid Taron: The one who took Alina away from her. Prescill despises him, making herself think she stole Alina from her. The few times the two encountered each other always started with fighting and ended in Prescill losing. She does have to give to him that he took good care of Alina, and therefore leaves him alone currently. Her hate is still visibly there.

More info about this character?:


 Prescill became an orphan at the age of 10, when her parents disappeared without a trace. She went, with her sister who was then 5, to an orphanage. The orphanage wasn’t kind on her. She had a lot of fights with the older kids and the adults there didn’t do a thing about it. Two years later, she ran away together with Alina, not really knowing where she had to go, the girl of 12 tried to take care of herself and her sister by begging for money. It turned out quite successful, but it was just enough to live from.


After two years Prescill got in contact with a person that knew where her parents were. She only had to give him a sum of a few thousand dollars. Definitely something Prescill did not have. She had to earn money. He offered a drug dealing job. While they were in a dark alleyway at night, she ordered Alina, who was 9 at that moment to become a drug dealer, being too afraid herself to become one for her sister. She was rather fond of manipulating her sister. The people of the underground would pay lots of money for it. But Alina refused and began to yell loudly. Prescill did not expect that to happen and bursted out into anger. Craid appeared on the scene. Telling Prescill she couldn’t force anyone to do something like that. Especially not a kid. Prescill thought Craid had no reason to interfere in their business. She attacked Craid with her dagger out of impulsivity. She lost the fight. Alina wanted to go with Craid. Craid offered Prescill to go with them, but she yelled at him, cried and ran away.

She had to live on her own now. A kid of 14, without any people to take care of her. She refused to give in. She could take care of herself. She started working for the person that knew her parents’ location, but after a year she found out he didn’t actually knew. She killed him out of rage. Another person entered the room. He was amazed by the fact that she killed a drug deal boss. He took her as a student to become a full-fledged assassin. She learned quickly, her mentor said she was ready, and left her when Prescill was 19. She wasn’t alone anymore. The underworld now knew her as a quite good assassin. Life’s been quite the same after that point. Prescill got targets from people. She killed them. Always underworld related. She however now slowly begins to realise that everything could’ve gone differently, and how she messed everything up. Maybe she could still change her fate.