Bosko Bandley



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Bosko Bandley


Coon, Boskop




November 20







Lives in

Raveryn -> Timberglen

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Bosko is one of the 6 relic holders.

Bosko is loud, outgoing, and friendly. He likes to poke and tease at people and joke around. He's not afraid to speak his mind and people would actually think he's rather blunt. Though he can get overwhelming, he also has his small spurts of sadness which is why he tries to make people laugh and smile, he feels it helps mask his pain, Even though he might not realize he's crossing people's lines. Bosko's not afraid to get himself in and out of trouble, and has a rather sweet spot for a certain baker in town~.

He is very stubborn and rough but he means well. He is quick to jump into situations without thinking of the consequences. Hes overpretective of those who are close to them and cant help but smother people when hes happy.


Bosko lived in a really abusive household in the Kingdom of Raveryn as a kid. Raveryn was a kingdom where all raccoons resided. Bosko's father would literally trade him for a 6 pack of beer if he could, and his mom couldn't give 2 shits about his diet or health since she was too busy smoking up a storm in the house. They treated him badly and always made him at fault for everything.

When he was 12 he was so tired of the way he had to live that he ran away to Timberglen. With no home and family, he had to learn to live on the streets by stealing food and pickpocketing for money. He would spend many nights sleeping on an empty stomach and had to endure sickness from sleeping out in the rain. About 2 years later he would meet Drayven, who now also homeless, had to learn to adapt and learn from Bosko if he wished to survive the cruel streets of Timberglen. They were taken in by Acher's Gang - The Asosa Raiders- a small pack of ruffians who worked together to survive by stealing food and money.

As they got older Bosko and Drayven didn't see eye to eye with the gang's leader and resulted in them abandoning the group. They lived alone together as wanted criminals in Timberglen until Emerald Kamala befriended them and asked them to leave their old ways to join her fight against Talon and his demons. Along the way, she met Dawn DeLaney who becomes his love interest.

In the future Bosko is invited back to the Kingdom he lived in as a child. Although reluctant to go, he is convinced by Dawn and the other friends to go. When he gets to the kingdom it is revealed that he is actually next in line for the throne and needs his people to guide him since his REAL parents have recently deceased. He denied his place for a while until he was convinced by the royal adviser to help. He promises to only help during the incoming attack and that he will surrender the throne after the war has passed.



After some time knowing Dawn, Bosko starts to fall for her. Knowing he may not be what shes looking for, he shoots his shot and wins her over. She cares for him and is the only one who doesnt complain about his cigarettes and smell though she does wish he would take better care of himself. She has his same sense of humor and loves him, defects and all. <3


Bosko's best friend and brother from another mother. Even if Drayven is annoyed at Bosko he will always have his back. Grew up on the streets and stuck by each other through thick and thin.


Mostly served as Acher's bodyguard and muscle in the gang. Though Acher never really appreciated his presence he felt safer knowing Bosko was around to protect them. Usually always fought due to Bosko straying away from the plan and wanting to do things his own way.


Ginger was a young girl he and Drayven met and lived with on the streets. They lost her when she fell horribly ill and he and Drayven went out on a medacine run. They returned to see that an ambulance had taken her away. Not knowing if she had passed away or not.




  • Doing Heists
  • Dawn's Pastries
  • Joking Around
  • Smoking
  • People complaining about him smoking
  • Snobby Rich People
  • Excessivly hot weather
  • People who pick fights with him

Bosko has the same shade of gray in color as Drayven. He wears a green undershirt and a black button-up on top. He can usually be found smoking a cigarette.

-Black connected eye mask

-One Black ring around each ear

-3 black and 3 gray rings around his long tail

-Tattoos on his Right and Left arm

-Swept back spiked hair and a small ponytail at the back

-Very muscular and broad shoulders

-Black and Green boots

-Black fingerless gloves with a Half-circle opening.


The tattoo on Bosko's right arm has a stripe with a Hook that goes up on one side and down on the other with 3 dots at the end of it.

The dots are meant to represent Ginger, Drayven and himself. When he thought Ginger had passed away, he got that tattoo as a reminder love and care for each other.