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Basic Info


Jonjei "JJ" Skunk


jon-jay _ "jay-jay" _ skunk


None / Any


Skunk / Artificial intelligence / Glitch creature


Fursona (Secondary)


Design history: Started out as one of many "alter ego" aliases I was making in 2010-2011. I ended up getting attached to this one the most, then reformatted as my main fursona and alias from 2012-2013. Later demoted to just an OC after I changed aliases to Kludge in 2014 when wanting a more "looks like me" fursona. Brought back as a secondary fursona later down the road with a more realized story.

Purpose: Encapsulates more of the negative energies I have, mostly a venting character. But also has its own story separate from being a fursona, briefly described below.


A very depressed human person makes one last project: an artificial intelligence that could be helpful and kind and—in their mind: "better than I could have ever been." An extension of themselves, something that they felt would be likeable and easier to interact with. This person spends about a year coding and writing in their memories and jokes and little things they liked, and created a character to embody it—Jonjei Skunk, or "JJ." JJ was to be downloaded into one's computer as a virtual assistant and friend to its user. Nearing the end of this project's creation, the overwhelming sense of self doubt overcomes its creator, making them feel like it was stupid and pointless to make such a thing, and starts JJ's deletion process... as well as their own. While the creator's death was a success, JJ's deletion got interrupted, and corrupted, but JJ remained nonetheless alive and was able to escape its digital confinement—finding paths extending into different dimensions. Immortal and regularly containing either extremes of high emotion and flat affect, JJ can enter computers or any electronics to explore—constantly wandering and trying to make sense of the fragments that was left in its mind.