The Quancher



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The Quancher

"Perhaps we’ll spend an eternity together, darling."
Name Trix Auto
Species Ghost?
Age ?
Pronouns he/him
Design Notes
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The Quancher is a confusing, strange individual. He is a manifestation of mean thoughts, and many feel an unease around him that they cannot explain. His god-like abilities makes it hard to relate to humans, so he doesn't understand boundaries, is extraordinarily overbearing, and is destructive as all hell. If there is one thing to know, it is that he is powerful, and is most definitely not afraid to show it by leveling a building or two. And nobody knows what 'Quancher' means.

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Quancher can hover from a few inches to around 5 ft./1.5 meters in the air, but his movement is quite limited (similar to trying to swim). He only really levitates when he's trying to sneak or if he's too tired to walk.
Dimensional hopping
Quancher can phase to other dimensions, though it leaves his body pretty unstable. He tries not to do it too often, especially since he's never quite sure where he'll land or when he'll come back.
"The Lightshow"
Purely aesthetic, the Quancher can shift his eyes to any hue, and when he's excited enough, lights can emit from his body. It tends to happen whenever he's losing control, or when his body is destabilizing.
Keep It Together [spoilers]
Quancher's body is barely held together by dark, ancient magic that he cannot fully control. Javi struggles very hard to keep the body alive(?), and Adrian's complete lack of magic ability does not help. When Javi's will falters, the body can destabilize, leaving the two souls to 'leak' out until Javi gains control again. Until then, Quancher's body is surrounded by a dark mist, completely frozen.

[note: this has spoilers for the Hibiscus story, which hasn't been released yet. If you'd like to wait until it comes out, perhaps skip this section.]

The Quancher was, at some point in the past, two separate people.

Adrian Az was a guardian of an ancient dungeon, full of corrupted horrors. His task was to keep them sealed at any cost- including his own sanity, and eventually, his life. Javier Coli was an assistant of his who regularly brought corrupted artifacts from around the world.

After a long time working together, the two developed feelings for each other, though neither of them admitted it. Over time, though, Javi could feel his love for Adrian turn to worry as the artifacts clouded his mind and slowly changed his form. He suggested they run away, freeing him from the dungeon's depths, but Adrian declined, claiming this was his duty and his alone. This manifested into a full-blown obsession with the safety of the artifacts, and he would do anything to keep people away from them. He began to kill any unfortunate soul who found themselves near the dungeons, hiding their body and feeding their souls to the artifacts to keep them sated.

Everything unraveled one fateful evening when Javier, unable to find Adrian, wandered deep into the catacombs. He found the skeletal remains of dozens who had gone missing, and Adrian confessed to sacrificing them in his corrupted state. Javier attempted to restrain him and failed. He resorted to recalling fond memories, hoping the love between them would 'awaken' Adrian and bring him back to normal. Adrian ended up killing Javier in the ensuing fight between them, which brought him back to his senses. His mind was finally cleared, and his heart was broken. He decided to risk everything for his love.

Adrian dragged Javi's lifeless body into the deepest depths of the dungeons, chanting an ancient resurrection spell. However, due to his lack of magical ability, the spell was performed incorrectly- though it still unleashed an incredible amount of power. The two bodies fused together into an incredibly powerful being that combined Javi's sense, wit and meticulousness with Adrian's corruption, impulsivity and instability. Now, the Quancher is alive after hundreds, possibly thousands of years, and is always ready to wreak havoc upon anyone who dares cross his path.

Quancher is now Tesh's roommate in their small apartment, though he's often not around and can't really pay rent due to money being a completely foreign concept to him. He usually spends his days exploring the world, traveling to other dimensions, or having very small tea parties with Mini.


Quancher came across Tesh by accident one night while she was working on music. He was immediately drawn to her sound, and tapped at the window- scaring the living shit out of the poor Teshie. Now, they're roommates (whenever he's around, anyway). She knows nothing of his past.


Quancher absolutely adores Mini and often spends entire days with him. Nobody's quite sure of what they do, but Quancher has spoken often about their tiny tea parties, playing Animal Crossing, and taking him to incredibly dangerous dimensions to explore.


Mascel has only seen Quancher once or twice, and has no idea that Tesh has a roommate. Quancher pays no mind to Mascel, he finds him uninteresting and too serious for his liking.