Lil' Cheese



1 year, 1 month ago


Name: Cheese Muffin

Nicknames: Lil' Cheese, Cheesy, Muffin

Species: pony

Gender: female

Cutie mark: doesn't have one yet

Muffin or Lil' Cheese as her parents call her is the youngest and currently smallest member of the family. Her siblings aren't sure what to do with her as they are very closely bonded and Muffin just doesn't fit in with them due to their age gap. She gets left out by them a lot and instead pals around with the other young foals in Ponyville; namely Velvet Spectrum. They get into trouble together and enjoy exploring places they shouldn't be. Muffin doesn't have her mothers baking skills, in fact she can't cook anything and usually blows up the kitchen when trying.