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[ Last updated: February 7th, 2023 ]

Section updated: Other information

This warning applies to both Starfault and GODS-R-US

Sensitive topics are found in many characters on this profile, which include:

  • Violent actions, such as murder and attempted murder
  • Blood, usually mild (I don't ever draw organs)
  • Mild to moderate body horror
  • Generally dark and/or gory backstories
  • Death through many means
Some characters may also have very triggering and dark themes, such as:
  • Suicide and SH
  • Traumatic events
  • Alcohol and alcoholism
  • Drug use (including weed use)

Some characters may also have themes that are common triggers, which include:

  • Bug-themed and bug characters
  • Knives
  • Multiple eyes and/or clustered eyes
Other information about my profile (not necessarily a warning, but Β it may be useful information to know before interacting):
  • I am 20! If my age bothers you, please turn back now!
  • I only draw SFW art, with exceptions to mild gore.
  • I do not have a TOS for my designs! Do not impose your TOS on my designs!
  • I may not reply to your offer, especially if it's via PMs. I get very busy IRL due to work and college, so I'm incredibly forgetful.
  • Although I cannot stop you from copying my designs and/or characters, please refrain from doing so! However, if I do catch you doing this, I may end up IP blocking you for comfort reasons. If it is severe enough, I will probably report you and the offending character(s) first.
  • I'd also prefer if you didn't reference my art, especially tracing it publicly. If you do trace, please do not post it. If I catch this, I may also IP block you and could pursue a report if it's too extreme.
  • Even if you do something of the above, I will not have you on a public blacklist as I don't necessarily agree with them. However, you will most likely be a part of my personal blacklist.
  • NEW: I completely disregard hyper-specific TOS that don't allow redesigns or don't add value of my art on a design. My art has value, and if you're trading/selling a character, you relinquish the ability to retract a design as well as relinquish the right to restrict how I use the design [except for TOS with a "no NSFW" clause, I don't draw it and I respect that not everyone wants to see that]. If that bothers you, don't trade me/sell me/gift me the design.

Have a nice day!

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