Tyrling Aeducan



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Týrling Aeducan

  • Age20 (DAO); 30 (DAI)
  • RaceDwarf
  • GenderMale
  • PronounsHe/Him
  • ClassWarrior
  • SpecialtiesDual-Wielding, Reaver, Berserker
  • OrientationPan Polyam
  • Love InterestZevran Arainai
  • Buildtall, but average
  • Height4'11.5" (≈151cm)
  • AffiliationsGrey Wardens, Paragon
  • ThemeWolf Totem


  • plants
  • warm socks
  • mangoes
  • fighting


  • leading
  • being cold
  • being wet
  • winter

Týrling Aeducan, Prince of Orzammar, became the Hero of Ferelden during the Fifth Blight. He's not quite sure how he managed that, to be honest, when one moment he'd been exiled from Orzammar into the Deep Roads for a murder he didn't commit and the next he'd been one of the last surviving Grey Wardens on the battlefield at Ostagar. He's also not sure how he picked up the titles Warden-Commander of Ferelden, Arl of Amaranthine, Champion of Redcliffe, Paragon of Orzammar, or Dark Wolf, either. It was a very crazy year.



Týrling Aeducan was born the middle son of King Endrin Aeducan of Orzammar. Unlike his older brother Trian and his younger brother Bhelen, Týrling never thought much about politics or nobility or one day ruling the Dwarven Empire.

When Bhelen killed Trian and framed Týrling for the act, Týrling was stunned. He'd known Bhelen (like most of Orzammar's nobility) was not to be trusted, but he'd foolishly believed his brother would simply claim the throne with Týrling's support when the time came. Tossed into the Deep Roads for the crime he did not commit, Týrling took the opportunity to become a Grey Warden as it was presented. In his mind, it only delayed the inevitable - one day, no matter what happened, he would return to the Deep Roads and die while killing as many Darkspawn as possible.

The year after his exile was a whirlwind of a shitstorm. He'd never wanted to lead, never believed he was capable enough or smart enough to do so, and yet he still found himself responsible for leading a ragtag crew of outcasts to stop a Blight and save the sodding world.


  • RedcliffeSaved
  • Urn of Sacred AshesPinch Taken
  • ConnorSpared
  • CircleSaved
  • WerewolvesTruce
  • Orzammar KingBhelen
  • Anvil of VoidDestroyed
  • Ruler of FereldenAlistair & Anora
  • Dark RitualYes
  • OtherRecruited Loghain


  • Týrling is fascinated with surface plant life and the vast abundance of it. Leliana noticed he was constantly picking up various leaves and clippings and taught him how to press them. He used to use books picked up in ruins for this purpose, but now that he's (mostly) settled down he has a collection of books just for his specimens. Zevran continues to indulge his fascination by bringing him samples from throughout Thedas.
  • He was never really into surface food when he lived in Orzammar, so when highly coveted fruits were served, he often snuck away his portion in his pockets and took it to Gorim because it made him so happy. As a result, he hadn't tried very many fruit or vegetables before his exile. Zevran took great delight in sitting him down and feeding him fruit to figure out his favorite.
  • In spite of being a warrior and reaver, Týrling discovered he cannot take the pain of needles when Zevran pierced his ear so he could wear the earring Zevran gave him as a gift. Týrling fainted straight away. Because of this they both decided not to attempt tattooing, even though Týrling wanted one. Zevran teases him over it heartily.


Týrling Aeducan is the least ambitious of his father's sons; he'd never wanted to lead or participate in politics. It was all too convoluted, twisted, and self-serving in for Týrling to care about, and playing the games required of nobility in Orzammar never appealed to him; he was more content in with simplicity of fighting, drinking, and having someone warm in his bed. He'd always wished he'd been born part of the warrior class instead.

In spite of his protests, Týrling is actually a very good leader both in and out of battle. He's very good at assessing situations and giving initial orders, but he does often become so caught up in the fight that he's not able to adjust his orders on the go; he has to trust his people can handle themselves after the initial orders. He cares about people and is a believer in second chances due to his own background; he'd rather give someone a chance to prove they were framed or to prove they have changed than kill him, but he doesn't hesitate if they abuse that second chance.

Týrling is reserved rather than outgoing, preferring to keep to himself. It often takes several tankards of ale to loosen his tongue. However, he does enjoy flirting and witty banter and absolutely adores a good pun. People tend to see him as laidback and charming, even if they think his attempts at flirting are less than stellar. Enemies and political rivals often underestimate him as weak or slow-witted, because he doesn't believe in grandiose posturing and speeches, but he did learn enough about politics in Orzammar that he can outmaneuver many opponents if he has to.


  • Forgiving
  • Reserved
  • Flirtatious
  • Heartfelt
  • Secular
  • Charming


  • Poor at expressing his feelings
  • Blunt
  • Unambitious
  • Unreflective
  • Headstrong
  • Gruff



  • FatherEndrin (deceased)
  • Elder BrotherTrian (deceased)
  • Younger BrotherBhelen
  • Sister-in-lawRica
  • NephewEndrin
  • ChildrenGorim (son), Kieran (son)
  • NephewEndrin
  • MabariTitan, Jörð



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template by trashwarden

Design Notes

  • very light-skinned with peach undertones and pink overtones.
  • begins getting freckles across his nose once he's on the surface for a while.
  • prone to flushing, particularly when embarassed or drunk.
  • light-sensitive, so he squints in bright light.
  • braids his hair and beard but the style varies.
  • wears the earring Zevran gave him in his right ear.
  • eye colorblue
  • hair colordark auburn
  • hair styleshoulder-length, pulled back/braided
  • unique featureslong braided beard


In Orzammar, Týrling Aeducan cut an impressive figure. He was tall for a dwarf - nearly two full inches taller than average - and broad shouldered with large arms, and most importantly he was a Noble with access to fine clothes and deep pockets. He didn't pay much attention to what he wore in Orzammar, letting Gorim handle details like which shirt was appropriate for lunch with his father's allies.

On the surface, Týrling is perceived like most dwarves: short and stocky. Anyone who's familiar with dwarves would argue that he's actually on the slender side. He no longer has someone else to choose his clothes (though Zevran helps sometimes) or most importantly to launder them, and so he's found he actually prefers simpler designs and fabrics than he was used to in Orzammar - things which breathe and are easy to care for. Since the surface is colder than Orzammar, Týrling prefers to wear layers, and he often dons fur-lined boots when not in armor. His boots are always made a size larger so that if they aren't fur-lined he can wear thick wool socks.

As a warrior, Týrling is most comfortable in full armor in public and always looks like he's slightly uncomfortable without it. He travels armed with multiple weapons at all times, a habit from living among Orzammar's Nobles and expecting assassination attempts at any moment.

The one accessory Týrling is never without is the earring Zevran gave him. It is a gold hoop inlaid with rubies. Anyone who attempts to have him remove it may never attempt anything else again.

"For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first."