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Basic Info

Full Name

Vincent F. Ishano

Gender & Species

Male Kinta (40M)


1899 April 22


Kintansedad, District 4, Yotakra


Construction Worker, CTOR LLC


16.5 m


Vincent Ishano is a kinta construction worker. This is a common line of work for members of his species for fairly obvious reasons. He can build, he can tear down, and he can haul — at least as far as his “average” 16.5-meter stature will allow. He’s very proud of his certifiably adequate safety record, though he wishes he could find a hard hat that fits. But kintas and hats don’t really go well together, and one could argue that he doesn’t really need one, as his head is probably hard enough anyway.

In his younger years, Vincent was Desdeg’s best friend. They went to the same schools and enjoyed the same sorts of things, and while they still keep in touch, they have drifted further apart amidst the demands of the working world.

He’s still only about a century young but has the wisdom and physique of someone older. He is a diligent worker and decently friendly if you can put up with his nonstop supply of awful jokes. Some may be annoyed by how easily he is amused, but he’s just content to go with the flow. He’s a big sports fan though he doesn’t play any himself, and he can play dozens of different musical instruments though none of them well.

He lives in central Kintansedad where he leads a plain, modest life and is well-liked around the neighborhood. His recently retired parents worked for the Port of Yotakra and keep pushing their only son to start a family. While he claims to have a girlfriend, he doesn’t see her all that often. Perhaps she, like him, has a spirit that longs to be free.