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Female // 18

is baby


Race: Tabaxi [Red Point Siamese Munchkin]
Class: Death Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 3'2"
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  • Bugs
  • Dead things
  • Making new friends
  • blank


  • Causing Death
  • Other Tabaxi
  • Unexpected Loud Noises
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Tutu, originally named Forgotten Truth by her mother who had her under an affair and soon after birth gave her away, is a Tabaxi Death Cleric that tries to be the sunshine in your life. Adopted by a Firbolg Monk named Dafina, Tutu soon became the young cleric she is today.

Tutu paints herself pink so she can be more colorful. She has a few levels in monk by proxy of Dafina. Her default weapon is a staff that can change with her outfit. She uses it for casting and monk fighting. She has absolutely no impulse control and will poke anything that interest her. This also means she will try to steal anything that interests her. This also means she tries to put a lot of things in her mouth...especially bugs

Extra Facts

Tutu refers to herself in the third person most of the time, if not all. She has a very limited vocabulary and will try to describe the things she doesn’t know the word to, somewhat like a young child. She loves to pick up bones and make jewelry from them and then give them to her friends. Dafina has a whole bunch of little skulls hanging from her because of this

Shes always wanted a pet, the bigger the better, but Dafina won’t let her because she know that Tutu won’t take care of it. Don’t tell her, but Dafina is planning on getting herself a blink puppy to help in gathering things, but she will let Tutu think its hers.

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