Dazzle "Sparks" Baozhu Flasher



1 year, 5 months ago


2020 "Bouncing Flash"  Description:

Sparkly, Bouncy, Heavy, Flashy! That's the Dazzle Way!

Dazzle Baozhu Flasher is an adult panda with an overwhelming devotion to bubbles that drives her day to day motivation. In her teens, a school science project resulted in her invention of Punctura, a wristwatch that can create bubbles for a variety of uses from personal protection barriers to house furniture as tables and chairs to simple decor. From that day, she pursued an education in engineering and used that knowledge to integrate bubbles into everything she does.

While an introvert that typically keeps to herself, her compulsion to pursue bubbles and generous trusting nature tends to be the cause of her problems. The most persistent of which being a constant need for money: The bubbles Punctura products consume large amounts of Crystal Energy, and as a result she constantly works as a sever for the Crystal Cafe, as a live streamer, and as a performer for hire to feed her bubbly efforts. While her quirky behavior makes her a bit of an outcast, there are enough who think well of what she does to support her lifestyle.

When she's feeling good, you'll know! She sparkles when happy, and flashes when her mood spikes. If she's not at a computer or working on Punctura in a workshop, she's probably bouncing on bubbles or stumbling into bubble trouble.

Sometimes volunteers as a substitute teacher, and interested in running a non-commercial organization. Putting all her time into bubbles leaves little time for those other pursuits.

What would happen to her should she lose the object she considers her reason for living? Surely, she has other interests? Right?


Original Description:

An imaginative, bubbly, and somewhat chubby adult panda who makes her living through a variety of sometimes-shady-sometimes-not entertainment activities and odd-jobs from children's party magician to photographer. Born to a middle-class family and raised on the island of Shui-Qi, her exotic air gained her a small following after a series of TV appearances as background extra.

In her mid-teens, she acquired the device Punctura, a wristwatch that generates a bubble shield around the user when the wearer is in danger. Fascinated with it, she pursued an education in engineering. From that day, she implemented more and more creative (and mischievous) uses for the bubbles into everything she does.


Punctura requires large amounts of  energy to function beyond it's intended protective purposes, so Dazzle keeps a lot of charge gems nearby to fuel her unending bubble-spree... which makes her a target for cunning thieves.