Opalia Drakru



9 months, 19 days ago

Basic Info

Name —

Opalia Drakru

Sex —

Birthdate —

June 7, 2018 at Dragoncrest Cliffs, in the Sequoia Coast

Species —

½ Grey × ¼ Arctic × ⅛ Timber × ⅛ Buffalo Wolf

A glance —

Not as soft as she seems.

Appearance —

She has a plush, white underside then soft creams and very pale gold over top with an occasional fleck of dark gray mottled within. Like her father, her eyes are mismatched, a rosy-orchid pink on the right, and sky blue on the left. Opalia is at best, a petite, small-to-barely-medium-sized wolf, however built dense and solid from a lifetime spent training herself to be—strong, for her size. Though she sports a few miscellaneous scars of varying age, her appearance is generally well-kept.

Scars —

Small line below ear/behind eye on right side of head (via Raleska), claw mark on top of lower back, veers off towards left hip (Tupkuk-a bear), large gash on left side, end of ribs (from Derg), and two intentional "kill marks" on her left shoulder, fresher.

Personality —

Inquisitive, persistent, and resolute, a disciplined, business-minded individual, though can be swift to irritate. A warrior above all, and the structure on which she has built herself.