9 months, 16 days ago

Basic Info

Name —

Syrma Cambria

Sex —

Birthdate —

June 30, 2019 at Whitefish River in the Kintla Flatlands

Species —

½ Mexican Grey x ¼ Rocky Mountain x ¼ Eastern Timber Wolf

A glance —

There's two of her.

Appearance —

Syrma is primarily a soft gray that darkens on her legs, eartips, and the bridge of her nose with very white cheeks, underbelly, and a small diamond between her bright yellow-gold eyes. She also has a faint smattering of freckles over her cheeks, courtesy her father. Still very much a young wolf, she is sometimes scrappy-looking and not all that big, but more importantly than anything, she does match her twin sister remarkably well.

Personality —

She has a good sense of loyalty, and is devoted to her twin sister above all else--this bond is her primary motivation (and security) in a great many things. She can be a friendly, curious sort with a strong memory, and intuition to match, although sometimes her strongest emotions catch her up. Also, she has always seemed fond of the night.