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Tam | any pronouns | 47

Tam is a person living on their own several thousands of years after an asteroid collided with the planet that spelled out near extinction of life.
Their scars are from an event in their distant past that resulted in them cutting off contact with the outside world for years. They wear extensive outerwear both to protect them from the dangers of the environment but also to hide their scars. They unfortunately deal with extreme body dysmorphia.
She lives alone in a lighthouse that stands atop a cliff overlooking an ancient seabed long since dried up.
She is a bit of a survivalist, she grows all her own food and forages for any supplies she needs, and routinely has to rid the area of "pests" and other things that pose threats.

- nb lesbian
- fearful
- doesn't talk much
- self isolating
- very physically strong, but huge softy
- emotional but doesn’t show it
- overly hard on themself, blames themself for things that aren’t their fault
- enjoys gardening, training, cooking, and fiberwork.
- very slow to trust