3 years, 4 months ago


Name Kintsu

Age Child

Birthday N/A

Pronouns She/Her

Species Spinxyn

Orientation Simply a child

Job Have fun


Masterlist Entry

  • Origami
  • Adventuring
  • Playing

  • Bullies
  • Naps
  • Her curse :'(

Curse Notes
  • Ceramic-like material
  • Number of holes=Number of eyes
  • Repairs when she sleeps
Wanna play?

Born with the dreaded faceless curse, Kintsu was abandonded by her parents and left to die in some alleyway. By some incredible luck, Scrap found this poor spitten and quickly rushed her to a shelter that specializes in taking care of cursed spinxyn. Worried about the little one, Scrap stayed by her side until she was adopted.

Kintsu now lives with her 2 loving harpip parents who encourage her to make friends and gain confidence. Kintsu loves arts and crafts, her favorite thing being origami, she likes learning how to make new paper animals. She's full of energy and loves to play, though this does sometimes end up in her breaking open more holes in her 'face'. She's fine with having multiple holes, but for some reason having a large hole open makes her incredibly anxious.

Trinket Mom!!

Mom does art! She taught me how to make origami!! Sometimes we paint funny stuff on my face hehe

Marrow Dad!!

Dad digs up cool bones! He says they're from old beasts. He's very funny and tells lots of jokes!

Scrap Cat Uncle!

Big spinxyn who lives in a junkyard with lots of cats!! Mom says he protected me until her and Dad came to pick me up! He's very nice and shows me around the city!