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Posted 2 days, 14 hours ago by Aisy15_Chan

I forgot what i want to say... I'm going focus put my oc at here again;;

Idk to do...

Posted 17 days, 1 hour ago by Aisy15_Chan

I hope can open commission soon but yeah maybe... Idk


(I'm still like Danny Phantom thing *crying*)—


Posted 2 months, 14 days ago by Aisy15_Chan

I'm having trouble creating a online (?) bank account for paypal so yeah i will go real bank to make offline bank account sorry... and for comm will open (I HOPE) next week *sob*


Give me adopts idea guys pls—

Posted 2 months, 15 days ago by Aisy15_Chan


So give me a pokemon + theme/core! simple right? ‘‚:|
For example: Pikachu + Dreamcore!

Also my commission will open soon! ;D yipee!! I only take 2 got lot vote at last poll :] other two will add soon after that

Boundaries yipee ✨

Posted 3 months, 12 hours ago by Aisy15_Chan

I'm just want join becuse it look neat heheh

Edit: i add thing yipe


can i used your art as pfp??

yeah sure! Just credit me! But pls don't used art i made for other people as pfp becuse they maybe not like it ^^

can i repost your art??

hm yeah you can. i can't stop you for repost my art but pls for dear God just credit me & don't claim my art as your art. thank you.

can i take inspiration from your art?

Sure! It totaly fine! But don't too much it not good.

can i trace your art?

Nope *bite you*

can i take inspiration from your designs?

Hm m sure- but just don't too much it not good.

can i draw your characters, alone or with mine?

Aye! aye! AYE! SURE-!! but if with your oc's... Hmm it fine but in romantic thing nope unless we have ship also NEVER DRAW MY OC'S IN NSFW! Thank you.

are open to art req???

Never. Sorry.

are you open to art/design trades?

Yeah sure! If i'm in mood i will make post if open or just DM for ask (good luck!)

what art program do you use?

Mediabang, Sony Sketsa & 5 years old phone

what should I call you?

Aisy is my main! But you can me Rin if you think i more look masculin or Jolt becuse i'm jolteon??? Well I have lot nickname becuse i have long real name & Aisy/Rin is part of my full real name-

can i request character links?

Nope, unless you a friend

can our characters be friends/enemies/etc?

Hmmm sure? If we is friend sir

can i ship my characters with yours?

Yeah sure! But if you are friend :D;;;

can we play a game together?

I'm not active playing multi player game! But you can join my pokemon recafemix team if you want-

May i ask for your discord?

The promble... I don't have discord *fly away* wow! It make you shock?!?! :0

can i call you on discord?

I don't have discord dear... *Crying*

can i see a picture of you/will you do a face reveal?

Never ^^ you want??? You scary me...

can i co-own a character with you

Never. I still don't known wth is co-own character like it look hard for me

are you okay with offers on your characters?

Yes if they in EO & my Ufo/Adopt, if you try offer my oc's in other folder + they has beloved tag... I will break your neck ♥

do you do pings?

Yep! But i can forgot to ping so sorry-

may i put your characters in dreamie folders?

Sure but good luck to waiting them to go offer ♥

can i offer on the same character multiple times?

Hmmm you can & read my t.o.s for more about it-

can i DM you?

Only for payment sure or you have really need talk to me or we are friend

i have panic attack & tense if i got DM from person who not my friend & person who do adopt payment

can you authorize me?

My TH page all is puplic visible

how often do you post adopts?

Only if mood but i post adopt lot

when do you open commissions?

them is here but if mood :] 


Posted 3 months, 18 days ago by Aisy15_Chan

Kat: i just notice... why my mutual doing collab adopt...??

Me: maybe because of us???

Kat: possible— We did something–




Nah there are other causes of this revolution but just i thinking funni see lot collab adopts


Posted 3 months, 21 days ago by Aisy15_Chan

I'm currently selecting some OC's for offer, this might be a big purge again


My obsesion on Danny Phantom really take me over end of july & august *fly away*


Posted 5 months, 14 days ago by Aisy15_Chan


(my bad for bad edit for this pic but look gud)

Sooo i open commission just for fun? Yep this my very first commision so;;; i kinda tense

This icon has 100 DA points and if you want the blinking animation to give you an additional 50 points! :]

Commission TOS:

- I currently only receive points! So sorry ^^;;
- please comment this bulletin for commision slot!
- I will do the commission when you send the points ^^
- at least I work in two weeks but usually I work fast! I might have a problem/busy on irl! so please be patient ^^
- if you used it or post it in Toyhouse or sites pls just credit me: Aisy15_Chan

What i can draw:

- OC's
- Fandom character
- Furry/Anthro with flat nose/face

What I can't draw:

- compex designs
- furry/Anthro with long nose

commission form:

- character ref:
- blinking: yes/no
- expression:
- background color (optional):
- another addition? (optional):

Soo i'm?

Posted 7 months, 25 days ago by Aisy15_Chan

Your fav designer???

I was really surprised when I found out that someone had put me on their list of favorite designers ohk ohk—