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This is an account wide warning. Most of my characters have something others may find triggering/distateful in their profiles no matter how light. So please consider this a warning for all.

Please do not
  • Heavily reference/moodboard my characters
  • Steal my characters or art
  • Claim credit of any part of my characters creation/story.
  • Harass me because you don't like one or more of my characters.
Content Warnings
  • Depression and everything along with it. (Namely Casey)
  • Blood
  • Abuse
  • Fetish based characters/art (Ria, Adrian, Luna, mostly. Anya has NSFW work though)
  • Anything you may find distasteful, you may find within, as it can help to develop a character. If you aren't sure and want to make sure a character does not have XYZ content, please PM me to inquire.

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