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This is an account wide warning. Most of my characters have something others may find triggering/distateful in their profiles no matter how light. So please consider this a warning for all.
Also, yes, my thumbnails are cropped! The actual images are not, though. And even then, I'm working to put character references right on their profiles, so the whole 'hunting through the images' thing is far less of a concern. Yay?
Last point. Please, for the love of everything, do not offer on characters on this account, ok? These characters are near and dear to my heart and I will not sell them, ever. Thanks.

Please do
  • Draw my characters
  • Comment on my Character pages (Good or bad!)
  • Comment on my profile (Good or bad!)
  • Ignore my Characters if you wish
  • Have a good day/night/whatever time it is for you~
Content Warnings
  • Some mental concerns (depression, potentially other more serious disorders as I work out my characters.)
  • Mature content! I try to keep my profiles largely SFW, however there are some characters with mentions of their sexual preferenes, or their details about their breasts (Anya, mostly, as that's where her webbing is). Images are always tagged mature when need be!
  • I am not perfect. If you come across an image that should be marked mature, I may have misclicked or just plum forgot. Please let me know and I'll fix that immediately!
  • Generic 'there is distasteful stuff within some of my character profiles' warning. I'm serious, though. Some have abuse, one has repeatedly attempted suicide, etc. Just please take care when going through the profiles. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to PM me to ask about details pertaining to ABC character.

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