AmkiTakk's Bulletins

Update : February 19

Posted 1 month, 5 days ago by AmkiTakk

12.02.23 changelog :

Corrupted Land :

- New character : Tainotté

18.02.23 changelog :

Corrupted Land

- Kellerys : new art and avatar, slightly edited design, modified clothes palette

Update : Feburary 11

Posted 1 month, 13 days ago by AmkiTakk

I've decided to make new bulletins summarizing the changes I make to characters. Why? Because I felt like my current system doesn't let people know when I make significant changes to my characters and lore, and it's a good way to let people know that 1) there was a change and 2) what was changed.

Also I just really like changelogs, sue me.

10.02.23 changelog :

Corrupted Land :

- Sec : redesigned, edited the color palette to match new design, new image

11.02.23 changelog :

Unspecified :

- Added species tags to most characters (currently missing : tags for the Kitsunes, who I'm debating whether to tag as "spirit" or "canine")


- Added species tags

- Moved Shô (was previously in the "Unspecified" folder, actual character sheet still needs to be redone)

Corrupted Land :

- Added species tags

- Kellerys, Korall, Ruo'lian : revamped CSS and bio

Back in action baby

Posted 3 months, 15 days ago by AmkiTakk

All my OCs are now visible again to everyone, not just authorized peeps! They are now unlisted though, for my own peace of mind. =)

Please note that I'm currently working through giving everyone a single same template, but I have a lot of characters, so it'll take so time for everyone to be up-to-date. Some characters are also having their backstories rewritten (mostly in my Corrupted Land folder, to fix some plot holes and conflicting backstories).