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About Me :

Hello and welcome to my You can call me Key, but I go by other nicknames as well (Art, Arti, Keyo, Ru, Ruki...). You're welcome to call me anything non-offensive! I go by any pronouns, too. :3

I am an artist and a fan of music, collecting characters, organizing, dinosaurs, anime, and a lot more. You're totally welcome to message me at any time, I don't bite. I love meeting new people, though i do get easily distracted! Feel free to message me here or on discord (K e y#4509). Please read the rest of my warning. : D

Content Warnings :

  • I'm still organizing my Th! It is a mess right now.
  • Some characters have mature content/cussing/artistic nudity.
  • All of my new pagedolls have artistic nudity. They don't show anything explicit, but you definitely know when one is physically male or female. Some of these will be present directly on the character's profiles. I have no issue with this because they aren't explicit, it isn't sexual, and it is natural. I apologize if this bothers you.
  • There isn't any NSFW. If there is, it is hidden!
  • To be pinged when a character is for trade, please favorite their "Pings" tab. If they don't have one, message me! Otherwise, feel free to ask about the character.

Don't Do This :

  • Copy/steal my character's designs!
  • Tell people what not to do
  • Draw heavily NSFW art of my characters. Artistic nudity is a-ok.
  • Be hateful
  • Claim my art or characters as your own.
  • Delete character of anything I've made.

You May :

  • Colorpick. I don't own colors
  • Draw my characters, but please share it with me!
  • Chat with me. I'm totally open to dms!
  • Use any art I've made for you/of your character.
  • Offer on my characters.
  • Suggest things or ask questions about anything character/me related!

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