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  • Lots of GIFs 🫠! (Specifically folder/character profiles! Nothing flashy/too strobey will be shown, but some do move a bit fast due to size restraints!)
  • Gore 🔴
  • Horror 👹
  • certain upsetting topics 😔 (suicide,trauma,depression,physical/psychological abuse, etc..). All these topics included in lore/oc explenations will be executed respectfully and not to shame/make fun of people who suffer from the included topics.
  • disturbing imagery 🦧 (deformed limbs, creepy eyes, decapitation, trypophobia)
  • Eye straining colours 🎨
  • Swearing 🎭
  • and bright/flashing lights 🦄!! Please be cautious when viewing some of my profiles! Most with lots of colours will be censored though.
any triggering topics mentioned will be warned/spoiler’d beforehand.

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